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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/18/2015

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Iowa State Basketball

STATS DON'T LIE. Kirk Haaland previews Part Deux with OSU.

UNCLE RANDY HAS ADVICE. And it's so groundbreaking, I'm making it #clickbait.

THE MAILMAN AWARD. Georges Niang a finalist for the top power forward in college basketball.

BRACKET MATRIX. Staying steady at a 3-seed.

NO BOOMER SOONER PLAYED HERE. The women get back on track in Hilton against OU.

Around the Country


BUT AMARI COOPER CERTAINLY IS. Something to think about Coach Rhoads.

HARBAUGH SMILES. And of course, it's all thanks to pizza.

WE SHOULD SEE IF HE WANTS TO PLAY LINEBACKER. Devin Booker blows up a cheerleader, then tweets his apologies. He has more class than his coach!

BIG XII REFS HAVE COMPETITION. But I'm sure they will find a way to top this.

BOW TO OUR KENTUCKY OVERLORDS. They have already won the 2015 NCAA Championship.

GRAB YOUR NUT CUP. Because that's a kick to the stones.

LET'S GO TO A LIVE LOOK-IN OF JAHLIL OKAFOR. Saying he believes in Mermaids.

A-ROD APOLOGIZES. And no one cares.