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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/19/15

Iowa State Basketball

BEAST MODE. Video of Jameel McKay's double-double last night.

FROM THE OTHER SIDE. Cowboys Ride For Free had much less to be happy about last night.

ROAD WOES OVER? After a big win in Stillwater, Steve Malchow writes that the problems on the road narrative is a thing of the past.

WANNA GO TO MEXICO? If you want to follow the ladies, and get a sunny vacation, they're going to be partaking in the 2015 Cancun Challenge.

Iowa State Football

CAREER SAVER. Jeremiah George and Jake Knott credit new S&C coach Clayton Oyster with saving their NFL careers.

THE TREADMILLS STAY. Clayton Oyster thinks continuing to do the same things that Iowa State has been doing will move them forward.

Around The Country

DEATH TO REDSHIRTING. Why getting rid of redshirting and giving five years of eligibility makes sense.

COLLAPSE IN DURHAM. North Carolina was all set to beat Duke at Cameron, then they crapped the bed.

HIS OWN BOSS. Mike Shanahan reveals that RGIII basically told him which plays were and weren't acceptable to him.

SO MUCH FOR WINNING. Goran Dragic's list of teams he wants to be traded to are awful.

SAME DUDE, REALLY. Jay-Z thought David Wells was Curt Schilling and asked him about his bloody sock.

COULD BE SLOWER! Roger Goodell ran a 5.53 in the NFL offices.

TERRIBLE SHOOTOUT. The Oilers and Bruins were no good at the shootout last night.

7 MINUTES OF SHOOTOUT GOALS. To make up for that, here's Patrick Kane, in all his shootout glory.

THE (NEW ENGLAND) WALL. Gillette Stadium is looking pretty Game of Thrones-y these days.