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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/20/15

Iowa State Basketball

ANOTHER ROUND. Jameel McKay's improved free throw shooting didn't come out of nowhere, it came from putting up shot after shot late at night.

GENERATOR. In a move that surprises no one, Monte Morris was announced as a finalist for the Cousy Award.

I'LL STICK AROUND. Bobby La Gesse tells us how the Cyclones have re-inserted themselves in to the thick of the Big XII championship race.

MY POOR BRAIN. Brynn Williamson and Seanna Johnson keep the tradition alive of making us all feel like underachievers after earning Academic All Big XII honors.

Iowa State Football

BEST OF YOU. E.J. Bibbs works out at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis today and is looking to overcome a knee injury that has plagued him since last season.  You can follow all of his results over at the NFL's official site.

Around the Nation

ERASE/REPLACE. The NBA trade deadline was the most active in history.  Here's a handy chart to set the record straight, and a list of every trade completed this season.

BREAKOUT. The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, division rivals mind you, are teaming up to potentially build a stadium in Los Angeles if they can't get better deals in their current cities.

A MATTER OF TIME. Ian Boyd examines the future of the dual-threat quarterback.  Spoiler alert: it's gonna keep on keepin' on.

COME ALIVE. Major League Baseball is implementing rules to speed up the game next season, but none will include a pitch timer.

GOOD GRIEF. Doping has always been the elephant in the room in MMA, but now that Anderson Silva has tested positive twice for steroids a change may be on the horizon.

BRIDGE BURNING. Steven Godfrey breaks down the art of grayshirting, or if you're Bobby Petrino, the way of pissing on a recruit when you find someone better.

EVERLONG. Adios, Radio Shack.