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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/24/15

Iowa State Basketball

SPREADING THE WEALTH. The only team with better scoring distribution than the Cyclones is Kentucky.

DEADEYE HOGUE? Of all the big time shooters Iowa State has, the man who leads the team in long distance shooting percentage is... Dustin Hogue.

CHECKING OUT BAYLOR. Fred Hoiberg previews the revenge game against Baylor.

THOMAS LOOKING TO MAKE IT TWO. After a career best performance, Matt Thomas is looking for consistency.

MOODY ON WATCHLIST. The Nancy Lieberman Top 15 watchlist is out, and Nikki Moody is on it.

Iowa State Football

STUPID DIFFICULT. ESPN thinks Iowa State football is the second most difficult job in the power conferences.

Around The Big 12

SELF CRUSH. Kansas State beat the Jayhawks, giving Kansas their fourth loss, and Wildcat fans tried to smother Bill Self in the process.

RELEGATED AGAIN. Bill Connelly's Premier League College Football has Iowa State getting relegated from the Big 12, because of course.

Around The Country

CHRIS JONES BOOTED. Louisville booted their star guard for sending a threatening message to a woman who trashed his room.

BRO TINDER? PFT Commenter "argues" that Jameis Winston is undraftable, as well as finds out about the Wolfpack app.

KG IS SCARY. Veteran leadership = scaring your teammates.

SELLOUT. Marshawn Lynch is trademarking his infamous line, probably to pay fines.

DON'T PLAY TO LOSE. When two girls basketball teams tried to lose to avoid a bad matchup, they were both booted from the tourney.

OUCH, RICKY. James Harden makes Ricky Rubio look stupid.