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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/25/15

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Iowa State Basketball

THERE'S A GAME TONIGHT. Survive Snowpocalypse and make it to the game if you can.  Either way, read this.

EASY SCHEDULE? Uncle Randy disagrees with KU players and STARTS BEEF.  Let's keep this narrative going, please.

3SUS RISES. It took 16 days for the Cyclones to rise from the dead.  It's a miracle!

BASKETBALL BLABBERINGS. Kirk Haaland does what he does best.

CAN THEY GET TO A TWO? The Cyclones are the top three seed, but the possibility for a two is very much there.

IN THE GIVING MOOD(Y) Nikki Moody ties the career assist record at Iowa State while taking down TTU.

Around The Big XII

EERS TOP STEERS. WVU gets the victory over the bow-throwin' Longhorns.

Around the Country

WISKY FALLS TO MARYLAND. But thankfully, they didn't fall out of the sky.  Their plane had engine problems on the way home.

NC STATE UPENDS ROY.  And Abdul-Malik Abu, keeps his promise to a Chapel Hill shooting victim.

RUSHGATE. Police are looking for the man who checked Jamari Traylor. Then the man penned an open apology.

RONDOGATE. Rajon Rondo gives The Business to Rick Carlisle

D-ROSE INJURED. You don't say?  But it is sad.

CHICAGO NEEDS A SHOULDER TO CRY ON. The city also lost Patrick Kane to an injury. We feel your pain, Chicago.

AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT CLEVELAND. The Browns redesigned their logo, and it's stupid as hell.

OH NO, DEZ BRYANT. Rumor has it that a video is about to surface that could end his career.