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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/26/15

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Iowa State Basketball

SAD POSTGAME. Cyclones talk about the Baylor loss in the post game press conference.

AIRBALLIN' On a night with so much to gain, Iowa State took a dump.

GETTING WEIRD. Scott Drew could have screwed his team by taking his last timeout with over eight minutes left, but it worked.

Iowa State Football

KAGAVI REDUX. Iowa State has came out with an "I Will" documentary about Jack Trice, piggybacking off the stellar work done by our friend Joshua Kagavi earlier this year.

UNDERCLASSMEN EVERYWHERE! Spring Breakdown looks at the remaining running backs. They're all young.

Around The Country

WHO THE HELL'S FAULT IS IT? The NCAA is denying that they ruled Silas Nacita ineligible.

JUST STOP IT. Stewart Mandel writes about just how stupid the freshman ineligibility idea is.

SOUTHERNERS STAY SOUTHERN. This recruiting map shows that top southern recruits stay in the South.

EVERYBODY LOVES KG, DONCHAKNOW? Minnesota fans loved seeing the return of Kevin Garnett.

CROSSOVER FROM HELL. This defender looks like he needs some medical attention after getting crossed over.

THE FACT HE EVEN HAS TO ASK... LeBron wants colleges to stop recruiting his 10 year old son.

ACHO'S GOING TO PROM. Emmanuel Acho is making good on a social media bet.

WHAT HAPPENS TO AL DAVIS' WET DREAMS? The speedsters at the combine are hardly guaranteed NFL success.

THIS SEEMS UNSAFE. 182 pieces of bacon in 5 minutes.

BASEBALL FACE GUARD. Giancarlo Stanton is going to rock a face guard at the plate this year.

"SIR, I JUST OWNED YOU. HERE'S THE BALL." Jusuf Nurkic with the nicest showmanship you've ever seen.