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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/3/15

Iowa State Basketball

A REAL RIVALRY. Steve Malchow writes that despite the loss, Iowa State and Kansas is becoming a legitimate rivalry.

SEASON'S NOT OVER. Naz Long wants to remind everyone all is not lost.

DEFLATED BALL, OBVIOUSLY. The Cyclones lost their transition game last night.

Iowa State Football

THE DREAM. 6 foot 7 receiver Hakeem Butler has committed to the Cyclones.

Iowa State Wrestling

HALL AGAIN. Earl Hall was named the Big 12 Wrestler of The Week for the second time this season.

Around The Country

A LITTLE TOO HARD TO GET. Four months later, Trevor Knight finally gets back to Katy Perry.

GROUNDHOG SHENANIGANS. Mayor gets his face bitten by groundhog.

I CONCUR. Left shark, an MVP that we all deserve.

WHOOPS. Papa John's accidentally ran the wrong ads featuring the Seahawks as Super Bowl champs.

PHYSICS! A ball hung on the hoop for seven seconds last night in the Thunder-Magic game.

WELL, THIS IS JUST PLAIN WEIRD. Bob Kraft dancing with Rick Ross isn't something that happens every day.

THE NEW WARNERS. Malcolm Butler and Chris Matthews both worked dead end jobs before they became Super Bowl stars.

DISCLOSURE IS BAD. The NHL suspended a referee for chatting with Puck Daddy about officiating.

UZBEKISTAN IS ANGRY. People like to call soccer players floppers, but you wouldn't need to flop playing against Uzbekistan.