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The WRNL Hotbox

You have questions? We have opinions.

In last week's edition of the Hotbox, we discussed NEGATIVITY and how Cyclone Nation was eagerly awaiting our road trip down into the Phog.  Even though we had like, one of those game things, two days before.  Thankfully, our Cyclones didn't fall victim to that trap game.  This set up the all-important clash down in the Phog to determine the conference leader.  We all know how that turned out.  Do you remember me telling y'all that the Hotbox would be in attendance for that game?  Since I know you all live and die on every word the Hotbox spews out onto this blog, I know you remember.  And I also know you want to hear about the Hotbox's experience and opinions on the matter.  Why else would you be reading this?!?

This being the Hotbox's first trip into the Phog, I had to do all the dumb-shit-touristy-stuff of course.  Got there early enough to go see the MUSEUM they have at one of the entrances.  They have lots of trophies, jerseys, nets, Big XII Conference trophies, old timey pictures, National Championship trophies, a damn cut-out of an old center court, and more trophies.  Oh, did I mention they were coached by the guy who INVENTED BASKETBALL?  They were if you wondering.  They also have this contraption that measures your wingspan compared to KU greats.  I measured out at a solid Mario Chalmers.  It all is actually pretty cool and makes you realize how much success and history this school has.  It makes you long even more for a Dreamy Dynasty.  It makes you long to beat them even more. We all know that didn't happen.  Kansas was clearly the better team that night.  They were backed by what I could only imagine was their most raucous crowd this year.  This crowd wanted to make their newly-crowned conference rivals feel the Phog.  Yes, it was loud.  But I have a hard time discerning which is louder between the Phog and Hilton.  They are just different.  Hilton may get louder at peak moments, but at the Phog it seems more sustained.  Mostly because of all the traditions.  All the coordinated songs, chants, and yells that have been around for decades - or hell even centuries.

All of this does not mean I am now a closet KU fan.  Like I said before, I want Iowa State to beat them even more now.  It will feel even sweeter to beat them and friggin' jubilant if we can ever steal this conference away from them.  I pray to 3sus we can meet them in KC for the rubber match.  Hilton South would be bananas again with both "rival" fan bases in the same gym.  I WANT IT.


It's Hot in... Hotbox in herrr:


Hypothetical situation:

Today, the Athletic Department called and offered to give this site press credentials and access to the athletic teams that other sites like CF and the newspapers have, but there was a condition that this site would have to be renamed and had more moderation.

Would you accept the offer if it meant being able to interview any coach, but giving up the WRNL name and all that is associated with it?

Since I'm still new to these parts, I'll differ to our wise and powerful leader - Zoltan KnowDan:




There you have it.

If we agreed to such a proposal, Wide Right Natty Lite sure wouldn't be Wide Right Natty Lite and the Hotbox sure wouldn't be the Hotbox. It would be like the Cyclonefanatic Crazy Mailbag, or the Iowa State Inbox, or the Windbird Word, or something exceedingly watered down and dull.  That's what becomes of you when you go legit.  The system beats you down until you conform to every #BRANDINGSTRATEGY they wish to push on you.  That would be the opposite of what this site stands for.  We are here so we can keep our audience informed about our precious Cyclones, while keeping the signature snark and drunkenness.  KnowDan would never be able to respond to this scenario with such blunt clarity - much less publish it.  Our American forefathers would be proud.


How many current players on this current Iowa State team see time in the NBA?  Including Deonte Burton and Hallice Cooke.  And by see time I mean like even if it's Royce White time.  I think he logged 2 or 3 career minutes.

The Hotbox has answered a few questions like this before in previous installments.  I'm way too lazy busy to go back and find what was actually said, so I'm just gonna answer the question.

As of right now, Monte has the most glaring ability to go pro.  Jameel is behind him.  Then you have a hodgepodge of guys in the "Possibly But Probably Not" category.  Georges might be the most talented player on the team, but you know, the whole "Old Man Game" thing.  I see the rest of the starters having successful careers overseas like many Cyclones before them.  I'm gonna include Deonte Burton and Hallice Cooke in that category for now mostly because I have very little knowledge of their overall game.  And because they do not have your prototypical NBA size.  But there is one guy that does intrigue me with his NBA potential.  That man is Darien Williams.  He is a 6'8" athlete and the rumor is he can stroke it from deep.  Do remember he is coming off TWO shoulder surgeries and will be a bit rusty.  And I know you all are wondering about the Gr33k.  He needs to get bigger and actually play some college basketball before the Hotbox will pass judgement.


So I’m sitting here and watching Big XII get left out of the CFB playoffs and I’m going to myself, haha, take that! and 11 different kinds of schadefreude. As an ISU fan it’s kinda fun watching the conference get the short end of the stick when they can’t do anything about it. After all, that’s how they treat us (witness our apology wall). Tell me I’m the only one that felt that way. Go ahead. Just do it.

Am I shortsighted? Maybe. Would Iowa State be better off if this hadn’t happened? Maybe. But, man! That just felt all kinds of just.

A football question?  UGH.  Dude we moved on months ago.

Want me to tell you you're the only one who felt that way?  Fine.  You were the only one who felt that way.  Are you shortsighted?  Yes, you are shortsighted.  Why would a fan not want his team to get some of that Television Money?  Why would a fan of a team that plays in a conference want said conference to be shitty?  That makes said team (Iowa State University) look even more shitty.  Not even sure how that is even possible for last years football team but there it is.  A team that went 0-fer in conference gets drowned in it's own blood by TCU and then that team drops out of the CFB.  That is the perception ISU had at that point.  Having TCU miss the CFB was a lose/lose for everyone in the Big XII.  But there is one possibly, maybe silver-lining here.  The Big XII might have to add two more teams and make divisions again.  Hellllloooo Big XII North.


Why all the negativity about this year’s edition of ISU men’s basketball? This time last year, the Clones were also 16-4, but just 4-4 in Big 12 play (1-3 on the road, 3-1 at home) against an arguably softer slate of conference teams—this year, 8 teams have been rated throughout play, whereas last season, 7 made the polls. While the Clones were 12-0 in nonconference play, the non-con schedule wouldn’t look all that impressive by the end of the season. They’d had a string of three losses in a row, including a loss to Joel Embiid, er, Kansas, at home. A blow-out loss to a mediocre West Virginia team lay in their future. Right now, the Clones have the opportunity to go down to Lawrence and claim the lead in the Big 12 regular season race (Editors Note: WHOOPS); last year, they were just beginning to right the ship. Yes, the road loss at Texas Tech was awful, the loss to South Carolina on a neutral court was not so great. Yes, sometimes the Clones look like they are not playing up to their full potential. But this team still has the opportunity to win the regular season Big 12 title, and who knows what could happen at the conference and NCAA tourneys. Enjoy this team! We’re Iowa State, dammit, not Duke or Kentucky. Be happy!

Oh, jeez back to all the NEGATIVITY again.  Why all the negativity?  Well, I'd like to think its more of being critical than anything.  But this week it's more of Cyclone Nation realizing that we have to bow to our basketball overlords, Kansas, for yet another year.  It's a bit of a drag, man.  I understand we have two tournaments to look forward too.  And I eagerly await those tournaments.  But coming to the realization that it's going to take an un-Kansas like collapse for the Cyclones to have a shot at the Big XII regular season title - is not something to get all rah-rah about.  I really wanted to rah-rah one of those Big XII regular season titles, man.   I wanted to rah-rah so hard.


Would this team be better off if they had gotten their ass kicked by Kentucky earlier this season?

Home, neutral, or away?  For purposes of having the Cyclones get their imaginary asses kicked, we'll keep it on a neutral or away court.  I won't allow myself to think about a loss in Hilton.  Hell, they probably wouldn't even get their ass kicked in Hilton.  They could even win!

But would they be better off?  Maybe?  If this team played with Kentucky they might have gotten even more air in their heads and look passed even more opponents.  If this team got rolled by UK I think they would have focused up more.  Might of helped put things in perceptive for this team a bit more.  Salvage a win or two later on down the road.  What I'm trying to say is, I have no idea.  But I do know I don't want to play Kentucky this year AT ALL.  For once, I don't want the National Champion to come out of Iowa State's bracket.  Unless it's Iowa State of course.


All mighty leader of the Hot Box: as the "Bringer Backer" I am going to continue to live up to the moniker and shoot off a few questions all relating to the "bring back" theme. Ready? Great.

1. This team is certainly beyond talented, but the leadership seems to be lacking. Monte is a great floor general, but he’s still young. Between the two great leaders of last year’s squad, Kane and Ejim, you can bring back ONE to help lead this squad to glory. Who and why? I’m hoping you redeem yourself with this one. My heart broke into a million pieces when Big Daddy Kane was not included on the McDreamy Dream Team.

2. Now bring back one player from any Dreamy era.

3. Now let’s make it interesting. Any player you want from the Big 12 coming to the good guys. BUT you have to trade one of our guys. He also must be a current starter. Passing is not an option. SOMEONE’S GOTTA GO!

TheBringerBacker is always making the Hotbox bring back old players.  Fine, here ya go you time-traveling witch.

  1. Kane.  He was a grown-ass man who did what he wanted on the court.  We are sorely lacking in the grown-ass man category.
  2. Add one player from the Dreamy era?  Give me Babb.  I'm big on the Babb.  This team's defense seems to be regressing and needs SOMEONE WHO WILL GUARD THE DAMN THREE-POINT LINE.  Babb was really good at that.  And he was big.   And good.
  3. Buddy Hield.  Dat dude can shoot the ball.  It would put Hoiball on Hoiroids.  But unfortunately in this scenario, I have to drop a starter.  Going just by position, I'd have to drop BDJ.  We would really upgrade our shooting but downgrade in rebounding.  I like 3's way too much to let that cloud my judgement.

3sus of Nazareth,

I tweeted out a bit ago if I should stick with the short hair or rock the Faux Hawk again?  I would attach the tweet here, but it had the ladies swoonin' something hard.  My phone was blowing up with admiration of me and my hair.  It had to be deleted.  I need to stay grounded, ya know?  I just need to continue to get better and just trust in my hair's ability to be fab even without confirmation from #cyclONEnation.  But even 3sus needs words or wisdom from time to time.  So I come to you, Hotbox The Most Wise.  What should I do?

Oh boy, what an honor to have 3sus write into yours truly.  I for one do not pass judgement upon 3sus.  It's gotta be a sin or something.  I like my 3sus the way 3sus is.  If 3sus want's a Faux Hawk, 3sus gonna Faux Hawk.  If 3sus wants to keep it clean, 3sus gonna keep it clean.  I am very fond of both.  But just in case you want to get an even better sense of how Cyclone Nation feels towards your immaculate hair, I've included a poll below.  But I urge you 3sus, just do what feels right.  I know you will.  Praise thee.