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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/6/15

Iowa State Basketball

OUT FOR REVENGE. The Cyclones head into Saturday going for the split against Texas Tech (that's sad to write).

LESS THREES ALLOWED. The team is working hard to correct their troubling three point defense.

BUCKLEY REDSHIRTING. Jadda Buckley will be in search of a medical redshirt with her lingering foot injury.

Iowa State Football

ALREADY THE FASTEST. Jomal Wiltz is coming from JUCO, but he's already the fastest Cyclone.

HOW MUCH MORE $? With cost of attendance scholarships coming into play, just how much more does Iowa State plan to spend?

Around The Country

SORRY FOR THIS TEAM. Doc Rivers apologized to a Clippers fan in Cleveland after his team was destroyed.

WHEN IS CY GETTING ON TINDER? Oregon's mascot Puddles is looking for a date.

THE OTHER MISTAKES. The other end of game decisions that cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl.

HEY, WE INTERVIEWED THAT GUY ONCE! Rece Davis is the new College Gameday host.

BEATEN BY A 10 YEAR OLD. Stephen Curry lost to a 10 year old girl in a 3 point shooting contest.

BLAME THE SEAHAWKS. A Seattle fan's wife claims that the crap playcalling caused her husband's death.

SOCHI WAS AWFUL. More details emerge that the infrastructure surrounding Sochi was a big scam.