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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/9/15

Something More?

Iowa State Basketball

BETTER CALL SAUL. The Cyclones laid a hit and run on the Red Raiders that's going to require the assistance of Albuquerque's best.

BOMBINGHAM. The Lady Cyclones delivered their own beat down on West Virginia going 5 for 11 from long in the process.

FREAK SHOW. Jameel McKay is Stretch Armstrong.

RUBICON. The Cyclones hit the point of no return with their first meeting against Oklahoma tonight.

Around the Big 12

BREAKING BAD. After their shockingly good start Kansas State is falling apart, this time losing to Texas at home.

HALT AND CATCH FIRE. After a Cyclone-esque slow start the Cowboys found their spark to beat Kansas.

THE KILLING. Baylor murdered the press at West Virginia en route to an 18 point victory.

THE WALKING DEAD. TCU gets headshot by Oklahoma.

Around The Country

WWE RAW. Adam Woodbury pokes another guy in the eye and Fran won't answer questions about it.

LOW WINTER SUN. Phoenix has lost four of their last five with another coming on a buzzer beater on Sunday.

TALKING BAD. Jim Boeheim responds to criticism of his plans for post-season self-discipline.

DEAN SMITH PASSES.  Former UNC Coach Dean Smith passes away at age 83.