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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/10/15

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Iowa State Basketball

PREVIEWING WITH FRED. Mayor McDreamy talks about the challenges they'll face this weekend in Kansas City.

LOOKING FORWARD... If you want tickets for the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, here's the info.

ALL GLUE TEAM. Dustin Hogue makes Sports Illustrated's All-Glue team.

SNUB CITY. Monte Morris and Jameel McKay are using their semi-snubs for motivation in the postseason.

MORE HONORS. The AP All-Big 12 teams were announced, and Niang, Morris, and McKay once again feature.

BRACKETOLOGY. SB Nation and ESPN have Iowa State as the 3 in the South, while CBS Sports has them as the 3 seed in the Midwest region.

BOBBY JUST GOT BLOCKED. Bobby La Gesse writes that we should drop the idea of freshman ineligibility and move on to better methods of NCAA reform, likely making Jim Delany and Jamie Pollard angry.

PF AWARD FINALIST. Georges Niang will do battle with old foe Perry Ellis and three others for the Karl Malone award.

Around The Country

AXIS OF EVIL (BIG 12 COACHES). Rock Chalk Talk has an exclusive look at the coaches roundtable.

THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG. OU's SAE video has already caused one recruit to change his mind about coming to Norman.

WHAT HAPPENED AT SYRACUSE? The rundown on what exactly happened in upstate New York.

TWERKIN GRONK. If Rob Gronkowski makes it on fan cam, you better believe he's shaking it.

MOVING ON. DeMarco Murray isn't too pleased with the Cowboys right now.

WOMEN'S BASKETBRAWL. Texas Southern and Southern brawl for the rights to use the word Southern in their school name.

SHIRTS IN SPACE. Kentucky fans launched a 31-0 shirt into space for some reason.

ROOKIE NEEDS A HAPPY ENDING. David Pastrnak needs some company while on a road trip to Ottawa.

STEPHEN A IS THE WORST. Chip Kelly getting rid of some black players is causing Stephen A Smith to go into full race-bait mode.