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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/11/15

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Get Well Soon, JP!

IOWA STATE ATHLETICS CAUSES HEART ATTACKS. Wish Jamie Pollard and his family our best, along with a speedy recovery.

SURGERY SUCCESS! Thank you, Modern Medicine.

NOW GO VOTE FOR FRED. It's for a very good and relevant cause.

Iowa State Basketball

DREAMY REFLECTS. On this year's monster of a Big XII.

UNCLE RANDY LOOKS AHEAD. And calls for a ISU/KU rubber match. Bring on the #CLICKS.

KIRK BLABS ABOUT IT. He likes to do this.

LAST BRACKET MATRIX. Get educated, people.

Iowa State Football

MORE SCARY STUFF. Kamari Cotton-Moya was taken to the hospital with an apparent head injury.

WAIT, THERE IS GOOD NEWS? Iowa State will get more home games!

Around the Country

THE NFL EXPLODED. And here is every free agent move that has gone done. So far.

AND DARRELLE REVIS IS THE MVP. Gets his ring and bounces for some stacks. He the real MVP.

DEZ HAS A WARNING FOR DEMARCO. Don't go to the Eagles. Or else.

BUT REALLY. Don't go play for the Eagles.

JJ, WHAT? The terrifying defensive lineman has free agency jokes. HA!

KEITH OLBERMANN'S MEA CULPA. Explains why he attacked some PSU students for raising money for charity. I had a hard time writing that sentence.

WE KNEW ALL ALONG. Bo Pelini is an evil goblin-man who listens to terrible music.