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The WRNL Round Table: Big 12 Tournament Picks

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The staff gets together to project this week's Big 12 tournament. Homerism included!

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We won't fill you with fluff for this one, it's as simple and straightforward as it gets: how does the Big 12 Tournament shake down in Kansas City this week?  On to the prognostications.


Game 1: (8) Kansas State vs (9) TCU - Kansas State rides the home wave to victory over a salty, but still out manned TCU squad. 
Game 2: (7) Texas vs (10) Texas Tech - Texas, next.

Game 3: (4) Baylor vs (5) West Virginia - Baylor in a close one over #PressVirginia.  They're a match up problem for the Mountaineers and are as hot as any team in the Big XII (Texas loss notwithstanding).

Game 4: (1) Kansas vs (8) Kansas State - No court storming here, Kansas by 10.

Game 5: (2) Iowa State vs (7) Texas - Iowa State completes the season sweep against a salty and hungry Texas team.  Closer than we like, but never truly in doubt at the end.

Game 6: (3) Oklahoma vs (6) Oklahoma State - Oklahoma takes out their Bedlam rivals again.

Game 7: (4) Baylor vs (1) Kansas - Baylor finally pulls it off against Kansas squad that can't match their length without Cliff Alexander and a banged up Perry Ellis.

Game 8: (2) Iowa State vs (3) Oklahoma - Hate this match up on a neutral court and the historic run in Hilton isn't going to happen again.  Fact is Oklahoma has played better ball against Iowa State for longer periods of time.  Oklahoma by a couple of possessions.

Game 9: (4) Baylor vs (3) Oklahoma - The teams split the season series with each controlling the game at their own place. Baylor has been here before and returns a chunk of last year's supporting cast, the hot streak that started in Hilton continues for the Bears as Baylor takes a close one late.

The CYdeliner

Game 1: (8) Kansas State vs (9) TCU - K-State
Game 2: (7) Texas vs (10) Texas Tech - Texas

Game 3: (4) Baylor vs (5) West Virginia - Baylor
Game 4: (1) Kansas vs (8) K-State - Kansas
Game 5: (2) Iowa State vs (7) Texas - Iowa State
Game 6: (3) Oklahoma vs (6) Oklahoma State - OU

Game 7: (4) Baylor vs (1) Kansas - Baylor
Game 8: (2) Iowa State vs (3) OU - Iowa State

Big XII Championship: (2) Iowa State vs (4) Baylor - Iowa State

SUNSHINE. I went with the homer pick because, well, I'm a homer. And also for selfish reasons. I plan on going down to KC on Friday so it behooves me to pick ISU over Texas on Thursday even though that game scares the hell out of me. I also see Baylor outlasting WVU in a fist fight. KU over K-State in pretty dominate fashion to make up for #RUSHGATE. And OU over OSU because they are a much better team.

I see Baylor getting the best of KU in the semi's. Baylor has been close to upending the Jayhawks in their two meetings and fell just short. Scott Drew out Scott Drew's himself once again. He confuses me. OU and Iowa State are two very evenly matched teams but, I'm picking the Clones for selfish reasons and Hilton South.

In a rematch of last year's Championship game, Iowa State exercises the cliche of, "It's really hard to beat a team three times in season" and the P&L runs out of all refreshments.


Game 1: (8) Kansas State vs (9) TCU - Kansas State

The Wildcats struggle early against TCU's underrated defense, then come back and win by single digits.

Game 2: (7) Texas vs (10) Texas Tech - Texas

This one's never in doubt. Texas comes out looking like the team everyone expected them to be in the preseason en route to a 20 point victory over the Red Raiders.


Game 3: (4) Baylor vs (5) West Virginia - Baylor

West Virginia's press makes this a tough game for the Bears, but the final result will ultimately boil down to who gets hotter from the three point line. In this case, that's Baylor.

Game 4: (1) Kansas vs (8) Kansas State - Kansas

The Jayhawks avenge their loss in Manhattan by getting up by 15 at the half against Kansas State and winning by a final margin of 10 points.

Game 5: (2) Iowa State vs (7) Texas - Iowa State

This one goes the reverse of what ISU's last two games have gone. The Cyclones fire on all cylinders in the first half, then relinquish the lead down the stretch, much like the meeting between these two teams in Ames earlier this year. In the end, Iowa State manages to pull it out.

Game 6: (3) Oklahoma vs (6) Oklahoma State - Oklahoma

Oklahoma absolutely demolishes OSU in this one. The Cowboys won't be able to hit anything and Lon Kruger's squad doesn't take their foot off the pedal.


Game 7: (4) Baylor vs (1) Kansas - Kansas

Baylor's zone gives KU fits, and the score is roughly 25-25 at halftime. Late in the second half, Kansas goes on one of their patented runs to seal the deal.

Game 8: (2) Iowa State vs (3) Oklahoma - Oklahoma

Oklahoma rides their wave of momentum after destroying Oklahoma State and uses it against the Cyclones. This one plays out similar to the meeting in Norman earlier this year.


Game 9: (1) Kansas vs (3) Oklahoma - Oklahoma

Boomer. Sooner.


Game 1: (8) Kansas State vs (9) TCU

K-State wins this ugly, defensive battle. It won't be pretty, but they'll have the support of the crowd and should be able to easily do away with TCU, even if the final scoreline doesn't reflect that.

Game 2: (7) Texas vs (10) Texas Tech

Texas. In the much anticipated battle between Longhorns and Tacos, Texas looks like a moderately impressive team, leading many to wonder how in the hell their season went the way it did. Musburger and Fraschilla openly wonder about their chances of running through the Big 12 Tournament and certifying their place in March Madness, and Fran calls out Brent for placing a bet on it.

Game 3: (4) Baylor vs (5) West Virginia

West Virginia. Despite the Bears shooting absolutely lights out in the first half, the few days of rest WVU has managed to get allows its press to control the second half and contain Baylor, with the 'eers edging out a narrow victory.

Game 4: (1) Kansas vs (8) Kansas State

Kansas, assuming Perry Ellis is good to go. Despite the high intensity defense from K-State, Kansas avenges the road loss from a few weeks ago and turns its sights on taking down West Virginia.

Game 5: (2) Iowa State vs (7) Texas

Iowa State, by a landslide. The Clones finally manage to string two beautiful halves of Dreamy-ball together, resulting in the starters sitting the last 10 minutes and Dejean-Jones taking center stage with the backup brigade. Edozie shows off good form, moving him into position to play a few minutes as needed in the NCAA 1st (2nd?) round. It is the last time Iowa State faces Texas with Rick Barnes in charge.

Game 6: (3) Oklahoma vs (6) Oklahoma State

OU. There's never any doubt about this one. The Sooners punish their in-state rivals as Buddy Hield damn nears drops 30 on them, setting up a lovely rubber match against the Clones.

Game 7: (1) Kansas vs (5) West Virginia

Kansas, although WVU presses them to the brink. The Mountaineers manage to stay close through the first half, but can't match the shooting the Jayhawks display in the second to stay close enough for a late charge. They fall just short of making the Championship game.

Game 8: (2) Iowa State vs (3) Oklahoma

Iowa State by a nose. Oklahoma will come out with a vengeance in this one, trying to make up for the loss in Hilton, but the magic carries over to Hilton South. Close throughout the game until a late flurry of 3's allow Iowa State to pull away.

Game 9: (1) Kansas vs (2) Iowa State

The way it was meant to be. Could go either way, but I'll plug for Iowa State, since it would kill me to pick anyone else. It'll be close, and at some point ISU will be down by 9-10, but our offense takes over and we bring home another banner to grace the ceiling of Hilton.


Game 1: (8) Kansas State vs (9) TCU
This will be a one-score game, but I like Kansas State based on sheer proximity to KC. TCU will match up well in the backcourt though.

Game 2: (7) Texas vs (10) Texas Tech
Texas by a helluva lot, in Tubby Smith's last game. This is and always has been a god-awful matchup for the Red Raiders. Myles Turner goes for 25+.

Game 3: (4) Baylor vs (5) West Virginia
West Virginia is a tempting pick here, but Baylor is playing their best basketball in three years. Bears by a couple buckets.

Game 4: (1) Kansas vs (8) Kansas State
Kansas is not losing to Kansas State twice this year, but boy will that crowd be nuts. Cliff Alexander seldom played and didn't even score in Lawrence so his absence won't be an issue.

Game 5: (2) Iowa State vs (7) Texas
Iowa State but it makes my eye twitch. Beating a team three times in one season is rare and difficult, but they just match up well. Texas won't be desperately playing its way into the tournament like I thought they might.

Game 6: (3) Oklahoma vs (6) Oklahoma State
I told someone yesterday I was picking Oklahoma State in this game and I'm sticking to it. The Sooners have been spread thin lately, and OSU has proven capable of winning this game handily twice already. They get that rare third W.

Game 7: (1) Kansas vs (4) Baylor
Baylor. This should have been a season split anyway, and the Bears match up athletically at every position (this is generally the case always). This will be the Taurean Prince show.

Game 8: (2) Iowa State vs (6) Oklahoma State
If you're asking me to pick Travis Ford over Fred Hoiberg, the answer is go play in traffic. Cyclones.

Game 9: (2) Iowa State vs (4) Baylor
Welcome to a Big 12 Championship rematch. I'd be a fool not to ride Iowa State here, so I will. With a title on the line, having lost to Baylor twice already, I think this is a Monte Morris takeover/push-off revenge game. Good guys win, Morris snags the MVP.