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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/13/15

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The anti-Texas sized dump.

Iowa State Basketball

HE'S ALL MAN, BABY! Travis Hines talks about Monte Morris' buzzer beater over Texas.

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Jamie Pollard apparently found a way to watch this game and survive.  Keep on truckin' Jamie.

AMAZING. Bobby La Gesse talks about how amazing this game was.  Another hole, another comeback, and a buzzer beater worthy of great March moments.

SHARING IS CARING. The play of the game might have been Georges Niang passing up an open three for an even better look for Morris.

THE ROCK SPEAKS. Jameel McKay makes it simple for Morris: don't pass.

THE STATS. The recap is great for one thing: the amazing list of stats for Morris and company at the bottom.

MIGHT AS WELL WATCH. Why write about it when you can watch it and let Johnny W soothe you with his calls.

Around the Country

YOU GET EM GUY. Did Jordan Cameron's agent leak his deal with the Browns to secure a better one with the Dolphins? Probably.

DON'T DO THIS. Don't be an asshole and grab the handlebars of someone racing on a bike.

GROWING THE SEEDLINGS. Does a team's performance in their conference tournament improve their seeding in the NCAA Tournament?  The answer might surprise you!