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Fantasy Pool for the NCAA Wrestling Championships

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What's better than bragging rights & fabulous prizes?

Think you know wrestling?  Or are you just a compulsive gambler?  We aren't here to judge.  But what we are here to do is offer an XL "3zus Saves" T-shirt to whoever can win our 2015 NCAA Wrestling Tournament Fantasy Pool.

How to Make Your Team

  • You choose ten guys to form your team, one from each weight class
  • You have a limit of one wrestler per seed for the top ten. 11-16 seeds and unseeded guys are fair game with no limit

In other words, you can pick only one #1 seeded guy, One #2 seeded guy.  One #3 seeded guy.  And so on.  Anybody outside of the top ten, including unseeded wrestlers, are fair game.  So if you think there is a guy outside the top ten who is going to make a deep run, go ahead and use them in place of a top ten guy.

How Scoring Works

The scoring will be by the same rules the NCAA uses for the tournament.

Advancement points

Each win in the championship bracket is worth 1 point
Each win in the consolation bracket is worth .5 points
Each fall, forfeit, default, disqualification is worth an extra 2 points
Each tech fall (w/ near fall points) is worth an extra 1.5 points
Each tech fall (w/o near fall points) is worth an extra 1 point
Each major decision is worth an extra point

Placement Points

In addition to the points scored for winning matches, placing in the top eight and earning All American status is worth the following.
1st place: 16 points
2nd place: 12 points
3rd place: 10 points
4th place: 9 points
5th place: 7 points
6th place: 6 points
7th place: 4 points
8th place: 3 points

Basically, you want to pick guys that you think are going to make deep runs into the bracket, and ideally get some pins along the way.

Where do I find the brackets?

The top ten seeds at each weight are listed below and full brackets can be found here (.pdf).

125 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Alan Waters Missouri
2 Nahshon Garrett Cornell
3 Joey Dance Virginia Tech
4 Nathan Tomasello Ohio State
5 Sean Boyle Chattanooga
6 Thomas Gilman Iowa
7 Eddie Klimara Oklahoma State
8 Tyler Cox Wyoming
9 Dylan Peters Northern Iowa
10 Ronnie Rios Oregon State
133 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Christopher Dardanes Minnesota
2 Bradley Taylor Wisconsin
3 Cory Clark Iowa
4 Johnni DiJulius Ohio State
5 Zane Richards Illinois
6 Earl Hall Iowa State
7 James Gulibon Penn State
8 Kevin Devoy Drexel
9 AJ Schopp Edinboro
10 Mason Beckman Lehigh
141 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Logan Stieber Ohio State
2 Mitchell Port Edinboro
3 Lavion Mayes Missouri
4 Devin Carter Virginia Tech
5 Josh Dziewa Iowa
6 Nick Dardanes Minnesota
7 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers
8 Geo Martinez Boise State
9 Anthony Abidin Nebraska
10 Zachary Horan Central Michigan
149 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Drake Houdashelt Missouri
2 Jason Tsirtsis Northwestern
3 David Habat Edinboro
4 Brandon Sorensen Iowa
5 Christopher Villalonga Cornell
6 Alec Pantaleo Michigan
7 Sal Mastriani Virginia Tech
8 Alexander Richardson Old Dominion
9 Gabe Moreno Iowa State
10 Christian Pagdilao Arizona State
157 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Isaiah Martinez Illinois
2 Brian Realbuto Cornell
3 Dylan Ness Minnesota
4 James Green Nebraska
5 Cody Pack South Dakota State
6 Josh Demas Ohio State
7 Ian Miller Kent State
8 John Boyle American
9 Joseph LaVallee Missouri
10 Justin DeAngelis Oklahoma
165 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Alex Dieringer Oklahoma State
2 Michael Moreno Iowa State
3 Isaac Jordan Wisconsin
4 Nicholas Sulzer Virginia
5 Bo Jordan Ohio State
6 Taylor Walsh Indiana
7 Pierce Harger Northwestern
8 Peyton Walsh Navy
9 Jackson Morse Illinois
10 Jim Wilson Stanford
174 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Robert Kokesh Nebraska
2 Matthew Brown Penn State
3 Michael Evans Iowa
4 John Eblen Missouri
5 Blaise Butler Virginia
6 Logan Storley Minnesota
7 Zach Epperly Virginia Tech
8 Tyler Wilps Pittsburgh
9 Cody Walters Ohio
10 Mark Martin Ohio State
184 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 Gabriel Dean Cornell
2 Max Thomusseit Pittsburgh
3 Blake Stauffer Arizona State
4 Jack Dechow Old Dominion
5 Taylor Meeks Oregon State
6 Hayden Zillmer North Dakota State
7 Nathaniel Brown Lehigh
8 Domenic Abounader Michigan
9 Sam Brooks Iowa
10 Lorenzo Thomas Pennsylvania
197 Pounds
Seed Wrestler School
1 J`Den Cox Missouri
2 Morgan McIntosh Penn State
3 Kyven Gadson Iowa State
4 Kyle Snyder Ohio State
5 Scott Schiller Minnesota
6 Nathan Burak Iowa
7 Abram Ayala Princeton
8 Max Huntley Michigan
9 Jace Bennett Cornell
10 Connor Hartmann Duke
Seed Wrestler School
1 Nick Gwiazdowski NC State
2 Michael McMullan Northwestern
3 Bobby Telford Iowa
4 Austin Marsden Oklahoma State
5 Connor Medbery Wisconsin
6 Adam Coon Michigan
7 Blaize Cabell Northern Iowa
8 James Lawson Penn State
9 Michael Kroells Minnesota
10 Ty Walz Virginia Tech

I'm so excited, what do I do now?

Create your team!  Put your ten guys in the comments.  We'll leave a reply letting you know if your team works or if you need to make some changes.   Submissions are due before the first pigtail matches kick off on Thursday morning.  And don't worry if someone has already picked a wrestler you want - duplicates are fine.  Just don't duplicate someone's entire team.

I'm so scared, can you give me an an example?

Sure thing.  Here's a sample team.

125: #5 Sean Boyle - Chattanooga
133: #6 Earl Hall - Iowa State
141: #10 Zach Horan - Central Michigan
149: #2 Jason Tsirtsis - Northwestern
157: #8 John Boyle - American
165:  #1 Alex Dieringer - Oklahoma State
174: #4 John Eblen - Missouri
184: #7 Nathan Brown - Lehigh
197:  #3 Kyven Gadson - Iowa State
HWT: #10 Ty Walz - Virginia Tech

How will results be updated?

Updated fantasy pool results will be included in our daily NCAA tournament previews & open threads.  Once the tournament is over on Saturday night we'll get ahold of the winner so we can send them their 3Zus shirt..

If you have any questions please just leave a comment and we'll help you out.