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2015 NCAA Tournament Selection Show Open Thread

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Iowa State will make the NCAA Tournament for four years in a row for the first time in program history. Now we found out where they'll go.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Big 12 Champion Iowa State Cyclones won't have to be doing any sweating on Selection Sunday.  Not that they would if they lost yesterday, but it's nice to know that technically Iowa State is the only Big 12 team guaranteed a spot in the field of 68 and regular season champion Kansas is "just" an at-large.

The latest Bracket Matrix projections still have Iowa State as a solid 3-seed, but some places have started projecting a 2 for the back-to-back tournament champions.  As our own KFitzy noted last night, when factoring the entire season in, both Iowa State and Kansas are 15-6 against Big 12 competition and Iowa State holds a 2-1 advantage with the rubber match victory being on a neutral floor.

It's hard to argue with regular season success, but it's also to hard to argue against a resume as accomplished as Iowa State's.

Whether a 2-seed is to be had will be settled shortly, but let's treat this for what it is: another remarkable season for a school that historically has lacked them.

Grab a beer and settle in, the best time of year starts today!