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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/16/15

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Iowa State Basketball

CHECKING IN WITH FRED. Bonnie Bernstein catches up with Fred about how he feels going into the tourney.

CYHAWK REGION. With the possibility of Iowa vs. Iowa State in the Sweet 16, Kirk Haaland's old article of CyHawk NCAA possibilities in the past is a good read.

ROOT FOR IOWA STATE. The Washington Post writes that you should root for Iowa State if you care about college basketball.

REACTING TO THE 3 SEED. While everyone seems like they wanted the two, the Cyclones are also happy to get a good draw and get back to work.

SCOUTING UAB. Brent Blum does the research on the Cyclones' opponent, and yeah, they're not very good.

THINKING ABOUT LOUISVILLE? Ticket information for those who are thinking about making the trek to Kentucky.

NOT ALL UNFAMILIAR. UAB might seem like it has nothing in common with Iowa State, but there's plenty of personal ties between the two teams.

Bracket Picks Galore!

DIGGER AND CORNETTE LOVE IOWA STATE. Campus Insiders has Digger Phelps and Jordan Cornette pick their Final Four, and BOTH have Iowa State in there.

PRISBELL TOO? Eric Prisbell loves Iowa State in his bracket too.

PLUS BORZELLO. It's starting to get weird with all the expert love.

AT LEAST IT'S THE ELITE 8. CBS Sports' Chip Patterson doesn't go quite as far, but is loving on the Duke-Iowa State matchup in the Elite 8.

UBBEN WANTS TO WATCH GONZAGA-IOWA STATE. Ubben's South region breakdown.

DICKIE V ISN'T ALL ABOUT DUKE? Dick Vitale's preview of the South regional features him lovin' on Gonzaga.

Around The Country

INDIANA AT 37? IS THIS A JOKE? The complete S-curve from the NCAA shows 4 teams from the Big 12 in the Top 4, brand names triumph, and Larry got shafted.

JOHN OLIVER TAKES A DUMP ON THE NCAA. Ah, the hypocrisy that never stops providing hate fodder.

CAN'T UNSEE. Dickie V kissed Ashley Judd on the mouth.

WELL, THAT'S DEPRESSING. Jason Kirk does March Madness if the school's football teams had to play each other, and Iowa State is picked to lose to a defunct program.

JOY TO SADNESS. Georgia State won their conference tourney, then their coach tore his Achilles celebrating.

RIDICULOUS BASEBALL INJURY SEASON. A Blue Jays player is out for 10 days due to sneezing.