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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/17/15

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Iowa State Basketball

THE NEXT DYNASTY? Bloguin ponders if this is the year that starts Fred Hoiberg and Iowa State's ascendance into a national program.

SOUTH DAKOTA GETS THE CYCLONES. Iowa State and Colorado will kick off their 2015-16 basketball season at the 3,200 seat Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls.

HIGH BAR. The team has set their expectations high all season, and they're not backing off of it.

PREPPED AND READY. UAB is outmanned, but they won't lose because of lack of preparation.

NINE STRAIGHT. The ladies were selected to play in their ninth straight NCAA tournament. They will also be heading to Kentucky.

DOESN'T GET OLD. Bill Fennelly says that if this ever gets old for him, he's quitting.

BASKETBALL SPENDING SPREE. Iowa State has been spending at a very high rate on basketball recruiting.

CARDINAL AND GOLD GYPSIES! Charles Pierce of Grantland notes the gypsy nature of us corn-folk as we descended upon Kansas City.

LIFE OF CY. The Des Moines Register caught up to the crew inside the Cy costume.

Around The Country

6-3? I'M NOT OFFENDED! State of The U gives their picks if the tourney teams played each other in football, and they're giving ISU a 6-3 win over UAB.

SHITTING ON RICK BARNES. Mark Titus was at the Big 12 tourney, so he's taking a dump on Rick Barnes.

2CHAINZ NIGHT. The Atlanta Hawks are embracing the rapper with the most obvious lyrics of all time.

MONTE SHOULD TRY THIS. Dwyane Wade saved a ball going out of bounds into a beautiful assist.

I FEEL LIKE JOHNNY WOULD HAVE DONE THIS. Tommy Lasorda dances to Turn Down For What.

"I WISH HE WAS FRED HOIBERG". Sadly, that doesn't make the list for Top 10 things Ashley Judd was thinking when Dick Vitale kissed her.

WHOOPS. Max Pacioretty with a sweet pass to Steven Stamkos, who is not his teammate.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE EX-ENFORCERS? A new book by Jordin Tootoo sheds light on what happens to enforcers when they're done with the NHL.

WELL, NOW CHIP'S LOST IT. All the weird roster moves were fine and good until the Eagles decided to bring in Tim Tebow for a workout.