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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/18/15

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Iowa State Basketball

IOWA STATE'S BEAN POLL OF ENDLESS ENERGY. SI raves about Jameel McKay's seemingly endless amounts of energy and passion to help lead the Cyclones.

JAMEEL MCKAY AND MONTE MORRIS ARE FROSTY. Roommates Jameel McKay and and Monté Morris channel their inner early 2000's boy band and frost their tips for the Big Dance.

KENTUCKY WHO? Bleacher Report video on why Georges Niang could be the player to steal the spotlight this tournament.

THE CARDIAC CLONES AREN'T TRYING TO KILL ANYBODY. The New York Times writes about the Cyclones recent heart pounding comebacks and the heart problems that their Head Coach and Athletic Director face.

IT LOOKS GOOD. Kirk Haaland previews the Iowa State UAB matchup.

IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD. SB Nation's Mid-Major Madness previews the Iowa State UAB matchup from a UAB perspective and it doesn't look good for the Fire Breathing Lizards.

TRAHAN TOO? After Ricky O'Donnell picked Iowa State to the title game, so is SB Nation's Kevin Trahan.

Iowa State Football

WE SPEND A LOT AND DON'T GET MUCH IN RETURN. Des Moines Register reports that Iowa State Football spends a lot of money in recruiting.

Around The Country

HAMPTON WON. Now they get rewarded by getting to play Kentucky and the Hampton Coach calls Jesus.

OLE MISS DOES THEIR BEST IOWA STATE IMPRESSION. Ole Miss comes back from down 17 points to beat BYU.

YAY! Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle, Devon Still, got fantastic news. His daughter, Leah, appears to be cancer free!

THERE'S A LOT OF MONEY IN MARCH MADNESS. The fine folks at Forbes tell us just how much the Tournament makes off advertising.

24 YEAR OLD RETIRES. 49ers LB, Chris Borland, becomes the latest football player to retire early and won't be the last says SI.

WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN THOUGH? Deadspin asks former football players if they'd do it again in wake of the Borland news.

BROWNS ARE DOING BROWNS THINGS. The Browns reportedly offered a first round pick for Sam Bradford, twice.

THE OTHER GUY. Catching up with the guy Tyus Edney hit his famous layup over.

BRO DO YOU EVEN LIFT? Weight lifter breaks world record by deadlifting over a half ton.

And now I'm off to Louisville, GO CYCLONES!!!