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Ames, You've Been Good To Us But The Time Has Come...

It's time Iowa State fans, time to make a change, time to do the right thing. It's time.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Five short seasons ago, Iowa State Men's Basketball found itself in a very dark place.  Greg McDermott's teams had suffered debilitating transfers and demoralizing losses.  Hilton tickets were a relatively easy get.  The years rolled by from football to basketball to baseball ... oh right ...  it was all getting pretty fuckin' depressing really.  If it weren't for the tailgating during the fall and annual VEISHEA rioting each spring, there may have been no joy left at all in Cyclone Nation.

Enter Fred Hoiberg.

Five Hoiball seasons later Iowa State Basketball is the top #3 seed in the NCAA tournament following another Big 12 Tournament Title (that's right we got two in a row!).  The Cyclones have been to four straight NCAA tournaments for the first time in program history. Hilton has been sold out regularly for several years, it's once again one of the hardest arenas in the country to leave with a road win, and the excitement and expectations are at unprecedented levels.

Hoiberg already easily has the highest winning percentage in ISU history, is on pace to break the late, great Johnny Orr's 218 wins sometime late in his 9th season (Orr patrolled the sidelines for 15 seasons). He's the hometown kid made good, the local hero, and the breather of life back into the Cyclones after all hope seemed lost.

So it's time Cyclone fans, it's time.

Jack Trice has his stadium.

Johnny Orr has his statue. 

Larry Eustachy even has an amazing website named partially (50%, even!) in his honor.

Now Fred deserves his place of honor. It's time to rename the city of Ames. It's time to give The Mayor what is rightfully his. It's time for Iowa State University to reside in Hoiberg, Iowa. Hell, just name it Hoiberg, USA - the state will be implied.

Great idea you say? How can I help you ask?

Just sign the petition.

This official petition is asking the President of the United States to consider the renaming of Ames, Iowa to Hoiberg, USA. Only a mere 99,999 more signatures and we can make this happen. President Obama is a big basketball fan, so it's practically a lock that he'll sign it. Let's do this. You can do this Cyclone fans.