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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/19/15

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Iowa State Basketball

HOJBJERG, USA. Sounds good.

JUST ROOT FOR IOWA STATE. Deadspin says if you hate the college game, you'll love Iowa State.

THE UAB PRIMER. Cyclone Sidebar primes us up for the game.

BORING IS WONDERFUL. USA Today ranked today's games by watchability, and Iowa State-UAB being second to last is a good thing for us.

HARRISON LIKES US BETTER THAN UNC. Harrison Barnes is one of Red Bull's celebrity brackets, and he has Iowa State going further than his alma mater.


WOMEN'S TOURNEY PREVIEW. Swish Appeal previews the path the ladies will take in their trip to Kentucky.

Around The Country

CONFERENCE ROUNDTABLE. Our KFitzy joins Rock Chalk Talk and a host of Big 12 SBN guys in discussing the conference's NCAA hopes.

EXPECTATIONS S-CURVE. Ranking the teams based on how far their fans expect them to go.

BEST NFL DUNKER. Davante Adams of the Packers could have a second career as a power dunker.

RIPPING OFF LINCOLN. Kentucky's hype video is Matthew McConaghey based.

THE MOST IMPRESSIVE PART IS THAT HE DIDN'T TRAVEL. Dayton player lost his shorts rebounding the ball last night. Extra points for hilarious cheerleader reaction.

DAYTON WINS CONTROVERSIALLY. A very debatable no-call on their home court was how Dayton pulled off the win last night. Now the Flyers can possibly play two more games in Columbus against higher seeded teams.

STUNTCHASE. A high speed motorcycle chase featured the suspect doing stunts while evading police.

OSPREY APPEAL. Ozzie Osprey is the tournament's most seductive mascot.

I ODDLY DIG THIS. The Colts are proposing a way to score 9 points in one possession.

IT'S LIKE ONE OF THOSE BROKEN LEGGED DOG CART THINGS. Georgia State's Ron Hunter (who we saw, non-gimpy, in Hilton this year) is rolling around with a scooter.