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Bouncing Around the Big XII

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Getting you caught up on the week that was (sad), the week that is (last) and how it affects the conference standings (finite).

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The week began with such promise but the dream did not last long. With a shot at tying Kansas at the top of league play, the Cyclones lost back to back games, including their first at home, for the first time this season.

Oh, well. On to March.

The Week That Was

Monday, February 23rd

Kansas (8) 63 - Kansas State 70

Half game back, people!

Tuesday, February 24th

Texas 64 - West Virginia (20) 71

Who cares? Is it Wednesday yet?

Wednesday, February 25th

Texas Tech 54 - TCU 71

Seriously, who cares?

Baylor (19) 79 - Iowa State (12) 70

I'll give Baylor the credit they deserve on this one. They are a team I would rather avoid playing in the Big XII tournament.

Saturday, February 28th

TCU 60 - Oklahoma (16) 67

You were so close, TCU. Maybe you should have gotten more sleep the night before.

West Virginia (20) 66 - Baylor (19) 78

It was a good week for the Baylor Bears.

Iowa State (12) 69 - Kansas State 70

Due to my soccer coaching debut (daughter's U9 team) I was only able to watch the final 20 seconds of this game. Coincidentally, my daughter's team also lost (tied) the game in the last 10 seconds. Not a good day.

Oklahoma State 62 - Texas Tech 63

Good for the Red Raiders. I guess.

Texas 64 - Kansas (8) 69

Not that it would have mattered much to we Cyclones had the Longhorns won. Still would have been nice.

Players of the Week

Player of the Week - Perry Ellis, Kansas

The 60 year old Junior Forward averaged a double-double during the week with 26.0 points and 11 rebounds as Kansas split their games with K-State and Texas. This is the third such award for Perry Ellis this season.

Newcomer of the Week - Trey Zeigler, TCU

Wow. A Horned Frog wins a weekly basketball award? Apparently, the Senior Guard helped TCU win their third straight conference home game while scoring 15 points and grabbing 4 rebounds in their Wednesday matchup with the Red Raiders. He followed with 16 points and 5 assists in their near upset of Oklahoma on Saturday. Good on ya, Horned Lizard.

Game of the Week

Kansas @ Kansas State/Iowa State @ Kansas State

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

The Week That Is

Monday, March 2nd

Baylor (14) @ Texas - 6:00 PM on ESPNU

You can do it, Texas. We believe.

Oklahoma (15) @ Iowa State (17) - 8:00 PM on ESPN

Not as big a Monday as it could have been, but still important for both teams.

Tuesday, March 3rd

West Virginia (20) @ Kansas (9) - 8:00 PM on ESPN2

You can do it, West Virginia. We believe.

Wednesday, March 4th

TCU @ Oklahoma State - 8:00 PM on ESPNU

A win for TCU does little to improve their position, but a loss by OSU could spell doom for Travis Ford's Cowboys.

Friday, March 6th

Texas Tech @ Baylor (14) - 8:00 PM on ESPN2

In a rare Friday night matchup, the Bears look to close out their season at home against the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Should be a good one...

Saturday, March 7th

Oklahoma State @ West Virginia (20) - 1:00 PM on ESPN News

Seeding is on the line. Can't imagine much else is.

Kansas (9) @ Oklahoma (15) - 3:00 PM on

Kansas looks to close out their 11th straight league title. Sigh...

Kansas State @ Texas - 3:00 PM on

Webber most likely secured his position for at least another season last week. Barnes, not so much.

Iowa State (15) @ TCU - 7:30 PM on ESPN News

Do not sleep on this game, please.

Game of the Week

Kansas (9) @ Oklahoma (15) - Could a conference crown be on the line? Monday will help set the stage.

Iowa State (17) @ TCU - Regardless of what happens tonight, Iowa State must win this game to enter the conference tournament with confidence and the best seed possible.

Conference Standings

Movin on Up

Oklahoma (15) - Nobody controls their destiny more than the Sooners. Win out, and they at least share the one true championship.

Baylor (14) - Nobody has an easier closing to their season than the Bears. Unfortunately, with six losses in conference play, winning out will likely do little more than secure second place (at best).

Kansas State - Not sure anyone had a better week than Kansas State did last week, beating the top two teams on their home court. I, personally, was a little upset they didn't storm the court again Saturday.

Not Looking Good

Iowa State (17) - Still a shot at second place and a three seed in the Big Dance, but what could have been is a song that will be sung for some time.

Oklahoma State - Might need to split these last two games and have a good showing next week to make the Dance.

Texas - At least they get to close their season at home. In front of their fan. Sad.


Conference Record

Last 5


Next Up

Kansas (9)





Oklahoma (15)





Baylor (14)





West Virginia (20)





Iowa State (17)





Kansas State





Oklahoma State















Texas Tech