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The WRNL Sadbox

You have questions? We don't give a shit.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I'm gonna start off this first edition of the Sadbox by saying to all our readers, "GET OFF THE LEDGE, DAMN IT!"  Now that you are off the ledge and are willing to live out your meaningless, sad, pathetic lives - it's time to mourn.  We lost to UAB.  There I said it.  It was a very shitty game all around and was played at the worst possible time.  Very Cyclone like.  We should have saw this coming.  But now we lose three valuable seniors in Bryce Dejean-Jones, Dustin Hogue, and Daniel Edozie.  They will be missed.  Especially Dusty.  God speed to all of these fine gentleman in their future endeavors.

I was going to answer some of the questions you submitted to the last Hotbox, but those are now all irrelevant and I'm tired and sad and drunk and unhappy and not willing to write lots of words.  If you have some questions for anything pertaining to the offseason, please leave them below.  Well, besides football.  Shit, this sucks.  So in lieu of no questions being answered, I left some sad songs for you to listen and cry along with.  Ugh,