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10 Reasons to Look Forward to Football

Basketball ended with a dud, so let's all get back on the tire filled football bandwagon.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday sucked, there's no debating that, but the sun came up today and it's time to move on to bigger and better things.  Spring football fires back up after spring break and we need to get our heads on right and support the program that pays for the hotel rooms Iowa State vacated last night.

Football fills the coffers, happens during the best time of year, and is the future of the athletic department.  With that in mind let's run down the reasons why football is vastly superior to basketball.

1. No Tournaments

There is no tournament about who gets hot at the right time in college football.  Sure there's this "College Football Playoff" thing, but if Iowa State has to worry about that then we did something wrong and will probably be placed on probation five years later. For football it's just games from September to November.  You don't even have to worry about those pesky December and January months!

2. UAB Doesn't Have Football

You can beat us on the court, but you'll never beat us on the gridiron!

3. Games Are Easier on Pollard's Heart

No Cardiac Clones here.  The games are decided early enough in the second half that Jamie Pollard can kick back, take a deep breath, and get to cracking on his "Head Coach Transition List".

4. No More Clapping

Admit it, you go to Hilton, you hear Jock Jams, and you stand there mindlessly clapping before you look over at your spouse and go, "Always with the clapping...."  Not so inside the walls of Jack Trice Stadium!  There are no Jock Jams and if the team tries real hard the most noise you'll hear is that of Oklahoma's band playing Boomer Sooner... again.

5. Parking

Instead of taking over an hour to get out of the lots you can get out and on the road to home in under 45 minutes. That's an extra 15 minutes of looking at pictures of Anna Kendrick you'll have.

6. We Play the Big XII Once

Instead of Baylor beating us twice in horrifying fashion we get to be pink socked by them once.  Small victories.

7. Expectations

The stair case from the basement only goes up.  Sure the stairs are incomplete, have nails in them, might be on fire, and will fall apart if you step on them, but they lead up!

8. Weather

We love KCCI's Metinka Slater, but in football she gives the forecast before the game.  Not immediately before the 4:00 minute timeout so the elders can see the 10% chance for snow and head for the doors of Hilton.  Plus football happens in the fall (or spring) when the air is crisp and the sweatshirts are cozy.

9. Kansas Won't Win the Big XII Either

It's one thing to let them off the hook in basketball, but it's something completely different to fight with them over possible relegation to Conference USA in football.  It's good to know they're our perennial partner whether it be in the penthouse or the basement.

10. Day Drinking

Why is Kansas City so awesome during the Big 12 Tournament?  Because it involves the best thing about football: day drinking.  With basketball you get to do it for one weekend.  For football it's at least six of them, and I'll be damned if it isn't the best thing about the program right now.

Win or lose, we still booze.