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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/20/15

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A dump... kind of like the one Iowa State took on the court yesterday!

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Iowa State Basketball

EVERYBODY ACCEPTING BLAME. Well, at least there's not a lot of excuses being thrown around.

HOIBERG REACTS. Fred just looks so sad.

NIANG AND MCKAY DEVASTATED. CFTV caught up with Jameel and Georges after the stunning loss.

WORSE THAN A NIGHTMARE. Bobby La Gesse writes that the loss to UAB was worse than a nightmare for the team.

STILL TRUE. The Washington Post had an article on Fred Hoiberg. In it he once again states that he's happy and loves Ames, so chill.

OH, YOU DICK. Current Creighton assistant and former Hampton coach Steve Merfeld talks about upsets in the tourney.

Around The Country

WELL, THAT'S COOL. UAB's different colored shoe thing is to raise awareness for child cancer research.

AT LEAST WE'RE NOT LSU? LSU missed their last 12 field goals and then to a last second lefty bouncing hook to lose to NC State.

OR SMU? Losing on a goaltending call on a horrendous Bryce Alford shot that looked like it had zero chance of going in.

OR BAYLOR? Baylor's loss probably takes the cake for painful, as they blew a big lead late and were done in by a ridiculous RJ Hunter 3 that made his dad fall off his stool.

DIRTY. There was an ejection in the Cincy-Purdue game for a dirty elbow.

SHOEGATE. There was a shoe tossed onto the court during the Arkansas-Wofford game.

THE BIG 12 SCREWED EVERYBODY. The Big 12 had an awful day yesterday, and guess what, it messed up everyone's brackets!

THAT MONEY THOUGH. While VCU's last shot didn't help them advance, it did cause money to change hands.

IOWA STATE DOESN'T AGREE. John Calipari says that college basketball is not communism.