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NCAA Wrestling Finals Preview & Open Thread

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His wait is over. Tonight is Showtime

ISU Alumni Association

Kyven Gadson will take the mat tonight as the first finalist for Iowa State since Jon Reader.  It's Showtime.

Where: St. Louis, MO
When: See schedule below

Gadson should be on the mat sometime between 8:30 and 9.  Though some quick pins or overtime matches could push that earlier or later.  As with yesterday, you can follow @GrappleCy for mat assignments and results

Tournament Schedule

Session 6 Finals Saturday, March 21st; 7PM-10PM CDT

Day 2 recap

The morning session went pretty well for the Cyclones, with Micheal Moreno securing a few pins and Kyven Gadson winning by major decision on his way to the semifinals.  But the evening wasn't so kind.  In the Round of Twelve Earl Hall lost to 10 seeded Beckman of Lehigh and Micheal Moreno drew an insanely tough opponent in 3 seeded Jordan of Wisconsin and ended up falling on a takedown in overtime. Leaving us with only one All American.   But the evening wasn't all bad.  Kyven Gadson secured a 4-1 win in the semifinals to earn himself a trip to the finals tonight

Top 25 Team Standings Going In To The Finals

Ohio State has locked up the team title.  Iowa State sits in 15th.

Place School Score
1 Ohio State 94
2 Iowa 84
3 Edinburo 75.5
4 Missouri 69.5
5 Cornell 67.5
6 Penn State 63.5
7 Oklahoma State 61
8 Minnesota 59.5
9 Nebraska 59
10 Virginia Tech 56
11 Michigan 54
12 Illinois 46
13 Lehigh 39.5
14 Northwestern 34.5
15 Iowa State 33
16 Wisconsin 32.5
17 NC State 30
18 Virginia 26.5
19 Oklahoma 25.5
20 West Virginia 23.5
21 Pitt 23
22 Old Dominion 22
23 North Dakota State 19.5
24 North Carolina 18
25 Indiana 18

Day 3 Preview

Kyven Gadson

The lone remaining Cyclone, Gadson will face off against super freshman Kyle Snyder of Ohio State in the finals at 197.  They have faced once before this season, with Gadson coming away with a 3-2 win at the Vegas Invitational in December.   But Snyder has made huge strides since then.  This is likely to be a very low scoring match with whoever gets the first takedown coming away with a win.  Gadson has been trying hard to lock up his trademarked upper body lock to a pin during this tournament.  Hopefully he won't go for that against Snyder, as it is a risky move against someone strong and skilled enough to counter.

Prediction: Gadson gets a 3-2 win and finishes his career a champion.

Wrestlestats matchup comparison for Gadson vs Snyder

Other Big XII Wrestlers in the Finals

All four of the Big XII wrestling schools will have a representative in tonight's finals

West Virginia

Unseeded true freshman Zeke Moisey has been having a dream tournament at 125, including a smile inducing 52 second pin over Thomas Gilman of Iowa last night in the semifinals.  Tonight Moisey will face 4 seeded Nathan Tomasello of Ohio St in the finals.


13 seeded Cody Brewer has also had an amazing tournament at 133, knocking off the 4, 5, and 1 seeds on his way to the finals.  In the semifinals last night he absolutely dominated the #1 seed, Chris Dardanes of Minnesota. Tonight Brewer will face 3 seeded Cory Clark of Iowa in the finals.

Oklahoma State

1 seeded Alex Dieringer has had the tournament he expected at 165, dominating his way through to last nights semifinals before facing his first actual challange against Bo Jordan of Ohio State, who he still dispatched without much trouble.  Tonight  Dieringer will face 6 seeded Taylor Walsh of Indiana.  Walsh is a pinner so despite the difference in skill level this should be a good one.  With a win Dieringer will replace Stieber as next year's poster boy for college wrestling.

What's next?

We'll update the Fantasy Wrestling Pool in the comments tonight.  But after that, wrestling coverage will take a break until the 2015-16 season starts up again in November.  Thanks for following along this year!

Fantasy Pool Standings Going In To The Finals

Standing User Score
1 Stieberfever 158
2 wtwalker 147
3 Spladle04 146
4 ChampionCamps 143.5
5 usilpd 139.5
6 Egovang11 138.5
7 jjohnston 134.5
8 kunemasosu 132.5
9 Tom Ace 132
10 Ljpsd 129.5
11 csteven 125.5
12 luaposu 124.5
13 grappleCy 124
14 jb2015 121.5
15 Jakegordon174 120.5
16 Cloneheads 104.5
17 SilentJohn 92
18 cyclone62 84
19 cyride 82.5
20 akleinusmc 73
21 Gillmol 57.5
22 Dutchclone 46
23 Dunk63 37