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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/23/15

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Iowa State Basketball

HIGHER EXPECTATIONS. The disappointment this year will add to the expectations next season, writes Travis Hines.

MORE THAN A BITTER END. Kirk Haaland writes that the season was more than just the ending.

LADIES ALSO DONE. The women ended their season in the same state as the men, falling to Dayton 78-66.

Iowa State Wrestling

KYVEN GADSON WINS! The senior pulled off his patented move to win the national title at 197 pounds. He also wants ice cream.

Iowa State Football

WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU? Tyler Brown will be called on to lead an inexperience running back group.

Around The Country

ONE SEED DOWN. Villanova is the first one seed to go, and it was because they were done in by cold shooting. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Also, it led to this sad GIF.

WILLIE CAULEY-STEIN HURTS PEOPLE. When you can dunk so hard you actually hurt a guy, that's impressive.

MORE LIKE BROWN-NOSE, AMIRITE? Sam Brownback was pulling out his inner Drake at the Wichita State/Kansas game yesterday.

IT'S CLIFF'S FAULT. Charles Barkley called out Cliff Alexander for Kansas' woes despite him not eligible to play.

TRAVIS TRICE'S MOM IS AWFUL. She's the one making banshee noises when the other team shoots free throws.

EVEN MARK FEW IS DANCING. Well, I guess that depends on your definition... do handstands count as dancing?

TROLLMANESH. Ali Farokhmanesh asks KU fans what their worst tournament memories are.

I'M EXCITED! Furious 7 might be the best movie Bill Hanstock's ever seen.

DON'T GO TO SCHOOL. Rick Pitino wants the NBA age limit abolished.

BLAME OBAMA. NC State upset Virginia and immediately started hating on the President.

THE LIGHTNING LOVE THE SIMPSONS. Tampa Bay is using Simpsons references to hate on Bruins fans.