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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/26/15

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Iowa State Basketball

MOODY GETTING PROPS. Nikki Moody was named a WBCA All-Region 5 nominee.

Iowa State Football

EXPECTATIONS HELP LAZARD. Allen Lazard isn't concerned with the high expectations, he's thriving because of them.

THE JUCOS ARE GOOD! Paul Rhoads is super happy with this year's crop of JUCOs.

ALSO QBS AND WRS. Todd Sturdy talks QBs and Tommy Mangino talks WRs with CFTV.

Around The Country

GUARANTEES. West Virginia freshman Daxter Miles is saying Kentucky will be 36-1 after tonight.

NIGEL HAYES IS A CHILL DUDE. Be sure to cover the mic before you whisper to your teammates, man.

LON KRUGER IS THE BEST. Sweet 16 by the numbers reveals that Lon Kruger has made the Sweet 16 with four teams now.

JEFF VAN TOPICAL. Jeff Van Gundy decides to relate One Direction's band member decrease to the Thunder without Kevin Durant.

BELICHICK IS MAD. Because the NFL claims it's too expensive to install more cameras.

RAVENS ARE BITTER. Still not happy with that game.

MESSI IS TINY. Lionel Messi met Gheorghe Muresan.

FAT OVERLOAD. The Brewers will be selling deep-fried nachos on a stick.

POOPTACULAR. Florida RB Adam Lane isn't embarrassed over his pants-pooping incident at all.

SO PREMATURE. Soccer team gives up a goal while celebrating.

WAY TO IOWA STATE THAT ONE AWAY. The USMNT blew a 2-1 lead in the 82nd minute to lose to Denmark.