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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/27/15

Iowa State Basketball

NOTABLE. The Greek can slide all up in your DMs now.

HONORS FOR MORRIS AND NIANG. The two Iowa State stars made NABC's All-District teams.

Iowa State Football

IGNORING COMPLIMENTS. Sam Richardson is ignoring the good things his coaches say about him to focus on getting better.

KCM IS BACK. Kamari Cotton-Moya isn't in full hitting drills, but he's back at practice.

CHECKING WITH JG. Jeremiah George reflects on his first NFL season.

PIERSON STEPPING UP. Dale Pierson is ready to contribute to the problematic Cyclone defense.

APRIL 11TH = TAILGATING! The Cyclone Spring game will be on April 11th at 1 PM.

Around The Country

DEAN SMITH: PRETTY SWELL GUY. Dean Smith left $200 to every one of his lettermen.

CR7'S GOT PRANKS. He wrapped a teammate's car in aluminum foil for a Nike promotion.

BORED? WHY NOT POSTERIZE? Kentucky was killing West Virginia so badly they started posterizing each other.

OR TROLL? Devin Booker had a response to WVU's 36-1 guarantee.

WHO WANTS A MUSTACHE RIDE TO SEX MUTUMBO? Alonzo Mourning tells us that the legendary pickup line worked.

NEW ENTRY TO WRNL'S MLB TEAM CHOICE? Well crap, Reds, you're not going to make this choice easy.

JUST A COMMON MAN. Lionel Messi was super excited to be shown on the Jumbotron.

MADNESS IN FOOTBALL. What would happen if college football had a giant tournament?

JUST SAD. Sabres fans want the number one pick so bad, they cheer for losses.