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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/3/15

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Iowa State Basketball


YEAH, THERE WAS A RECRUIT IN THE HOUSE. 2016 top 100 recruit Kassoum Yakwe was in Hilton last night and he spoke to Travis Hines earlier in the day about his future.

THE T THAT LAUNCHED THE COMEBACK. Differing perspectives on the Cousins technical that was key to the ridiculous comeback.

THE TWIN TERRORS. The two guys who led the comeback, Monte Morris and Georges Niang, talk about the win.

BOUNCEBACKINESS. Fred Hoiberg is impressed with his team's ability to work on a short recovery window.

FLOOR SLAPPING TIMES 3. Floor slapping has never made much sense to me, but OU did it a lot last night.

LADIES LOSE. While Hilton Magic was happening in Ames, the women dropped a tough one to Kansas on the road.

BEAT PURDUE. Keep voting for Fred Hoiberg in the Infiniti Coaches Charity Challenge. Dreamy is currently only in 2nd place in the Final Four of the challenge.

Iowa State Football

3 TAILBACKS, ONE SPOT. Rob Gray describes the backfield situation.

RUNNING GAME KEY TO BOWL. Paul Rhoads says a successful running game is key to a possible bowl game.

Around The Big 12

AUSTIN BRAWLIN' 7 players were ejected in Texas' overtime win over Baylor.

YOU'RE WELCOME, KANSAS. Iowa State's win last night gave KU a share of the Big 12 title again, a record that Ricky O'Donnell is impressed with.

Around The Country

AT LEAST PHANEUF'S WIFE IS HOT? Joffrey Lupul was mad about a tweet that was clearly not screened by TSN.

PLEASE TRADE FOR MY DAD. Jordan Leopold's daughter wrote the Wild a letter, and the team traded for him.

MARSHAWN HATES DRESS CODES. No need to look professional here, Mr. Lynch.

UH, SOUNDS GOOD. Chris Stewart was expecting to be traded as part of the Buffalo Sabres' amazing devotion to tanking, but he found out from a TV interviewer it was to Minnesota.

JON STEWART, NUT KICKER. I guess he has time to be on Monday Night Raw now.