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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/30/15

Iowa State Football

PIERSON IMPROVING. Dale Pierson is continuing to get accustomed to Big 12 play.

SKY'S THE LIMIT. The Iowa State receiving corps is setting big expectations for the season.

Iowa State Basketball

ABDELMASSIH OUT? Could Matt Abdelmassih be on the way out to join Chris Mullin at St. John's?

OUR PAIN IS HIS GAIN. Jerod Haase is getting a large raise at UAB.

Iowa State Wrestling

THE BIGGEST ENEMY. Kyven Gadson's biggest obstacle to a national title wasn't an opponent.

Around The Country

SO LONG, RICK. Texas is in search of a new basketball coach.

GREGG MARSHALL TIME? Texas better back up the Brinks truck if they want the WSU coach, because he's meeting with Bama today.

FINAL FOUR PRIMER. Everything you need to know about the last four.

I ONLY WISH IOWA STATE WAS "HOT AT THE RIGHT TIME." The three keys to Izzo's team doing Izzo things.

STILL HATE MORRISON. Duke fans are still hating on Adam Morrison, who just looks weird without the mustache.

GET OUTTA HERE, ENES. Russell Westbrook's got this alley-oop, Enes Kanter.

HELICOPTER BLOCK. Blake Griffin, what in the hell.

KAMINSKY DANCING. This is either amazing or horrifying. Still not sure.

DAMMIT WINDOWS UPDATES. A German basketball team is getting relegated because of Windows updates.

SO MUCH RALLY. I don't think this is how rally caps work.

TECHNICALLY LOSING. An Ohio basketball team blew their win because of a technical for hanging on the rim.

THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS. The El Salvador team was thoroughly confused by the wrong anthem being played.