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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/31/15

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Iowa State Basketball

NEVER FORGET. Despite a bad recent memory, remember we're in the midst of the beautiful Hoiberg era.

NIANG AP AND NBCA ALL-AMERICAN. Georges Niang gets third team honors from both organizations.

LUKE DROPS THE MIC. But I thought Iowa State ran off every player not directly from high school!

NOT NOTEWORTHY ENOUGH FOR AN ARTICLE. We all love Georges, but his choice was between undrafted and a preseason top 10 senior season. Not much of a choice.

FASCINATING FOR FRED? Damion Lee, a top 5 scorer in the country, is invoking the graduate transfer rule. He's likely to end up at Maryland though.

NOT A DONE DEAL. Despite rumors Evan Payne from Loyola-Marymount is coming to Ames, it's not done yet.

Iowa State Football

THAT NIANG DIET. D'Vario Montgomery hopes shedding 20 pounds will improve his playmaking ability.

IT CERTAINLY CAN'T BE WORSE. The defensive line is the focus for Spring Breakdown on today.

Around The Country

THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG. Rick Barnes is already employed again.

WHO REPLACES HIM? Gregg Marshall has talked with Alabama, but is he really angling for the post in Austin? Or has Texas already decided on Shaka Smart?

FORD GONE TOO? It appears to be 50/50 if Travis Ford is back next season.

CAN MULLIN REPLICATE HOIBERG? Our St John's SB Nation bros asked CBD to reflect back on the Hoiberg hire.

MUY IMPORTANTE. The essential things you need to know about March Madness, thanks to Jon Robotstein.

A LOGICAL BIG TEN GUY! Mark Titus waxes on the Final Four, and has some hate on B1G fans' sudden cockiness (#14).

NOW I WANT JACK TRICE TO BE ONE GIANT CY. A Turkish soccer team is building a green crocodile stadium.

FOOTBALL IS STILL KING. Meaningless bowl games are still dominating TV ratings over March Madness.

TOO LAZY TO FIND A DUKE FAN. A Wisconsin fan found herself photoshopped by Bing as a Dukie.

MOVE THE FINAL FOUR! Keith Olbermann isn't happy about the new religious freedom law Indiana passed.

HATIN' ON LA. Shaq was on the Bieber Roast last night, and he was ripping on everybody playing basketball in his old city.