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ISU Assistant Coach Matt Abdelmassih Leaves For St. John's

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What was once thought of a "throw it at the wall" rumor has now become reality.

Kelby Wingert/Iowa State Daily

Matt Abdelmassih, assistant coach and the lead recruiter on many of Iowa State's current players, is heading back home to New York to be an assistant coach for his alma mater, St. John's.  Here is Abdelmassih's announcement via Twitter:

Abdelmassih came to Ames with Fred Hoiberg when he took the head coaching job in 2010. Abdelmassih worked for Hoiberg for two years in the Minnesota Timberwolves organization when the former was the Assistant General Manager. Brought to Ames for his connections to New York and his youthful personality, Coach A didn't disappoint.

Royce White was the first high profile recruit that Abdelmassih landed and he didn't disappoint as he led the Cyclones back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in seven years in the 2012 season. After White left Abdelmassih kept the flame burning and was the lead recruiter on Yonkers, NY native Dustin Hogue, grown ass man DeAndre Kane, and current roster stars Jameel McKay and Abdel Nader.

Also the lead recruiter for one of the nation's top prep players, Cheick Diallo, Abdelmassih has shown the ability to find the talent to fit Hoiberg's system and the connections to reel them in and land them in Ames. It's likely that the Diallo Sweepstakes is over for the Cyclones with Abdelmassih's departure, but this job will be sought after by a lot of assistants throughout the nation.

Thank you Matt for leaving the Cyclones in a better place than when you found them and making your job as high profile as it can be.  Best of luck returning home and may you find what you're looking for with the move.