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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/4/15

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Iowa State Basketball

WHO IS THE BIG XII PLAYER OF THE YEAR? Uncle Randy thinks it might just be a Cyclone.  My money is on Buddy Hield though.

BIG 12 TOURNEY SCENARIOS. A few of these can be eliminated since the Eers slipped in poo down the stretch last night.  But a 2 seed is very much in play anyway.

DO IT YOURSELF INSTEAD! If reading isn't your thing, you can make up your own scenarios here.

BRACKET MATRIX UPDATE: Still a 3 seed along with Baylor and Oklahoma.

THE GHOST OF KANES PAST. Kagavi animated some weird exorcism of DeAndre Morris stuff.

Iowa State Football

QUENTON IS BACK. And here is the case for why he could be better than ever.

ADVERSITY IS AN UNDERSTATEMENTSammy Rich talks about adversity and some coaches speak Coach Speak.

Around the Big XII

EERS SLIP. A fantastic effort is not quite enough to bring the Staten-less Eers to the promised land.

DAMN IT. Another year, another championship for Kansas.

Around the Country

SHADY TRADED TO BILLS. It was nice knowing you, Shady.

MORE DUCK, PLEASE. The Eagles received Kiko "Great Name" Alonso in the trade.  They are now the Oreagles.

TWITTER IS FUN. Le'Veon Bell has words for Mel Kiper. Mel gave the rant a B-.

DON'T GAMBLE, KIDS. 50 Cent is going to lay $1.6 million on Floyd Mayweather. Apparently money means more than personal beefs these days.

GOALIE WEIRDNESS. The Panthers had to get creative after injuries fell upon their goaltender position.

OUR PERIMETER DEFENSE ISN'T EVEN THIS BAD. Otto Porter seems to be stuck in a different space-time continuum.

BANDWAGON FANS? Josh Smith has words for the Atlanta Hawk fans. God bless you, Josh Smith.

BORED FANS. Knicks fans don't have much to cheer for these days.  But at least they have Tom Hanks!