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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/5/15

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Iowa State Basketball

BIG TIME FOR MOODY. Nikki Moody capped off her senior season with a unanimous selection to the Big 12 first team while Brynn Williamson and Seanna Johnson were honorable mention.

Iowa State Football

LEADERSHIP +1. Sam Richardson is turning into Iowa State's leader on and off the field.

EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Steve Malchow echoes Paul Rhoads' sentiment that rushing is a key to success in the Big 12.

Iowa State Wrestling

OUR WRESTLERS ARE SMARTER THAN YOUR WRESTLERS. Three Cyclones make the Big 12 academic first team.

Iowa State Track

KEMBOI HONORED. Ed Kemboi was the Big 12's indoor track and field performer of the year, Iowa State's first honor since 1997.

Around The Country

DEFENSE LEADS TO OFFENSE. The saying has always been out there, but perhaps never so literal as this instance for Ohio State.

MORE FAT GUY TDS. Baylor's working its 390 lineman into an expanded goal line TE role.

FIGHT NIGHT IN RUSSIA. This youth game in Russia turned into a giant brawl.

40 VINES FOR THE SEASON. Iowa and UNI both made this compilation, but not for the best reasons.

ROMO IS A DUKIE. Tony Romo is so into Duke, he sat with the Cameron Crazies.

NOT OUR PROBLEM. Oregon State started 5 walkons, Oregon didn't care and pressed them anyway.

MIKE GREEN WANTS YOUR GEAR. The Capitals defenseman is so in love with a model of stick that was last made a decade ago that he wants yours.

THE PRICE IS WRONG, BOB. Adam Sandler and Bob Barker, always hilarious.