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The Mid-Morning Dump - 3/6/15

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Iowa State Basketball

EVEN GEORGES IS IMPRESSED. Despite the increasing amount of physical play around him, Monte Morris is thriving.

NO ISSUE WITH BDJ. Bryce Dejean-Jones might be stewing in private about his declining minutes, but he's still saying all the right things in public.

Iowa State Football

DIFFERENCE MAKER. Paul Rhoads is very excited about having the spring to mold Demond Tucker into a Big 12 DT.

Iowa State Wrestling

THE HOST WITH THE MOST. Iowa State is set to host the Big 12 Championships starting tomorrow.

Around The Country

OFF A CLIFF. Cliff Alexander's freshman season was already disappointing, but now he's getting investigated for taking impermissible benefits.

BACK FOR KC. Perry Ellis is expected to return in time for the Big 12 tournament.

SEC WEST GROWS MONEY. One coach in the SEC West will be paid 4 million to finish last.

NOT QUITE THERE. Blindfolded dunk works better when you get to the rim first.

BUYOUT CLOCKS ARE FUN. Indiana hoops fans are so sad about Tom Crean, they've gotten to making a buyout clock.

PRETTY. A defenseman who just got claimed on waivers in the shootout? No problem.