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Big XII & Other Conference Tournaments Open Thread

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March Matness has begun

Its finally time.  March Matness is here.  The Pac-12 championships gave us a taste last Sunday but now begins the feast, with the bulk of the conference events taking place this weekend.  Action began with the preliminary rounds of the EIWA on Friday morning and culminates with the Big Ten finals on Sunday afternoon.

The Big XII tournament is being held in Hilton this year, with Iowa State as the hosts. We previewed the event earlier this week.

Where: Ames, IA
When: Saturday, March 7th; Session 1 @ 11AM CST, Finals @ 6PM CST
Video: Session 1 on (Free), Finals on FoxSportsGo ($$)
Liveblog: Available Here
Tournament Homepage: Here

As usual,  Big XII updates and any big upsets or notable results from other tournaments will be posted on twitter via @GrappleCy

What's at stake this weekend?

At every tournament except the Big XIIs, automatic qualification to the NCAA Championships in St. Louis is on the line.  The number of spots available for the taking at each weight class in each tournament was announced last Thursday by the NCAA.   Wrestlers who place equal to or higher than the number for their bracket can start booking their hotels in St. Louis.  Those who fail to do so (and all Big XII wrestlers regardless of placing) will have to sweat it out until at large bids are announced on March 12th.

What if I want to watch tournaments other than the Big XIIs?

You're in luck, every tournament except for the SoCon and the EWL will be available for online streaming.  BTN & ESPN3 require a cable subscription that includes access.  FloWrestling and GoBison require an account with those services.

Big 10

Session 1 - Saturday, March 7 @ 10:00 AM ET on BTN2Go
Session 2 - Saturday, March 7 @ 6:00 PM ET on BTN2Go
Session 3 - Sunday, March 8 @ 1:00 PM ET on BTN2Go
Session 4 - Sunday, March 8 @ 3:00 PM ET on BTN2Go
Championships - Sunday, March 8 @ 3:00 PM ET on BTN


Session 1 - Saturday, March 7th @ 3PM EST on ESPN3
Session 2 - Sunday, March 8th @ 3PM EST on ESPN3


Session 1 - Sunday March 8th @ 11AM EST on ESPN3
Finals - Sunday March 8th @ 7PM EST on ESPN3


Session 1 - Friday, March 6th @10AM EST on FloWrestling
Session 2 - Saturday, March 7th @10AM EST on FloWrestling
Session 3 - Saturday, March 7th @5:30PM EST on FloWrestling


Session 1 - Saturday, March 7th @ 11 AM EST on

What's next?

Check back on March 12th for news on at large bids. The following Monday we'll be putting up  information about a Fantasy Wrestling pool we're running for the NCAA Tournament and we'll follow that up with previews and results throughout the week.  The NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships will take place March 19th-21st.

List of NCAA Qualifiers

This will be updated throughout the weekend as wrestlers punch their tickets to St. Louis.  By Sunday afternoon the full automatic qualifier list will be available here.

125 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Ronnie Bresser Oregon State Pac-12
Ares Carpio Arizona State Pac-12
Thomas Gilman Iowa Big 10
Nathan Tomasello Ohio State Big 10
Big 10
Big 10
Big 10
Nahshon Garrett Cornell EIWA
David Terao American EIWA
Paul Petrov Bucknell EIWA
Kory Mines Edinburo EWL
Ben Willeford Cleveland State EWL
Sean Boyle Chatanooga SoCon
Joaquin Marquez The Citadel SoCon
Josh Rodriguez NDSU WWC
Tyler Cox Wyoming WWC
Chasen Tolbert Utah Valley WWC
Josh Martinez Air Force WWC
Trey Andrews Northern Colorado WWC

At Large Bids: 9

133 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Jack Hathaway Oregon State Pac-12
Connor Schram Stanford Pac-12
Chris Dardanes Minnesota Big 10
Rossi Bruno Michigan Big 10
Cory Clark Iowa Big 10
Johni DiJulius Ohio State Big 10
Jimmy Gilibon Penn State Big 10
Zane Richards Illinois Big 10
Eric Montoya Nebraska Big 10
Ryan Taylor Wisconsin Big 10
Danny Sabatello Purdue Big 10
Geoffrey Alexander Maryland Big 10
Dom Malone Northwestern Big 10
Scott Delvecchio Rutgers Big 10
Mason Beckman Lehigh EIWA
Kevin Devoy Drexel EIWA
Mark Grey Cornell EIWA
Rob Deutsch Rider EWL
Ronnie Perry Lock Haven EWL
Nick Soto Chatanooga SoCon
Jade Rauser Utah Valley WWC

At Large Bids: 8

141 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Geo Martinez Boise State Pac-12
Matt Kraus Arizona State Pac-12
Logan Stieber Ohio State Big 10
Anthony Ashnault Rutgers Big 10
Josh Dziewa Iowa Big 10
Nick Dardanes Minnesota Big 10
Anthony Adabin Nebraska Big 10
Nick Lawrence Purdue Big 10
James Oster Northwestern Big 10
Jesse Thielke Wisconsin Big 10
Jordan Laster Princeton EIWA
Randy Cruz Lehigh EIWA
David Pearce Drexel EIWA
Tyler Smith Bucknell EIWA
Jamel Hudson Hofstra EIWA
Mitchell Port Edinburo EWL
Zach Horan Central Michigan MAC
Chris Mecate Old Dominion MAC
Mike Longa App State SoCon
Mitch Bengston NDSU WWC

At Large Bids: 8

149 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Christian Pagdilao Arizona State Pac-12
Garrett Schaner Stanford Pac-12
Brandon Sorenson Iowa Big 10
Alex Panteleo Michigan Big 10
Hunter Stieber Ohio State Big 10
Jason Tsirtsis Northwestern Big 10
Zach Beitz Penn State Big 10
Kyle Langenderfer Illinois Big 10
Big 10
Chris Villalonga Cornell EIWA
Chris Perez Princeton EIWA
Matthew Cimato Drexel EIWA
BJ Clagon Rider EWL
David Habat Edinburo EWL
Dan Neff Lock Haven EWL
Drake Houdashelt Missouri MAC
Alexander Richardson Old Dominion MAC
Matthew Frisch The Citadel SoCon
Ryan Mosley Gardner-Webb SoCon
Shawn Greevy Chatanooga SoCon
Clay Ream NDSU WWC

At Large Bids: 6

157 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Alex Elder Oregon State Pac-12
Steven Hernandez Boise State Pac-12
Oliver Pierce Arizona State Pac-12
Issiah Martinez Illinois Big 10
Doug Welch Purdue Big 10
James Green Nebraska Big 10
Dylan Ness Minnesota Big 10
Brian Murphy Michigan Big 10
Doug Welch Purdue Big 10
Josh Demas Ohio State Big 10
Lou Mascola Maryland Big 10
Brian Realbuto Cornell EIWA
John Boyle American EIWA
Brooks Martino Penn EIWA
Russell Parsons Army EIWA
Noel Blanco Drexel EIWA
Mitchell Minotti Lehigh EIWA
Markus Scheidel Columbia EIWA
Chad Walsh Rider EWL
Greg Flourney George Mason EWL
Ian Miller Kent State MAC
Joseph LaVallee Missouri MAC
Aaron Walker The Citadel SoCon
Cody Pack SDSU WWC

At Large Bids: 6

165 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Jim Wilson Stanford Pac-12
Seth Thomas Oregon State Pac-12
Bo Jordan Ohio State Big 10
Pierce Harger Northwestern Big 10
Taylor Walsh Indiana Big 10
Isaac Jordan Wisconsin Big 10
Jackson Morse Illinois Big 10
Garrett Sutton Michigan Big 10
Austin Wilson Nebraska Big 10
Pat Robinson Purdue Big 10
Peyton Walsh Navy EIWA
Dylan Palacio Cornell EIWA
Tyrel White Columbia EIWA
Coleman Gracey Army EIWA
Conor Brennan Rider EWL
Tristan Warner Old Dominion MAC
Cooper Moore Northern Iowa MAC
Connor McMahon SIU-Edwardsville SoCon
Mitchell Polkowske Northern Colorado WWC
Jesse Stafford Air Force WWC

At Large Bids: 8

174 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Joe Latham Oregon State Pac-12
Domonic Kastl Cal Poly Pac-12
Robert Kokesh Nebraska Big 10
Logan Storley Minnesota Big 10
Mike Evans Iowa Big 10
Matt Brown Penn State Big 10
Zach Brunson Illinois Big 10
Mark Martin Ohio State Big 10
Frank Cousins Wisconsin Big 10
Taylor Massa Michigan Big 10
Big 10
Big 10
Santiago Martinez Lehigh EIWA
Jadaen Bernstein Navy EIWA
Ryan Wolfe Rider EWL
John Eblen Missouri MAC
Cody Walters Ohio MAC
Sean Mappes Chatanooga SoCon
Kurt Julson NDSU WWC
Ethan Smith Utah Valley WWC

At Large Bids:7

184 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Blake Stauffer Arizona State Pac-12
Taylor Meeks Oregon State Pac-12
Matt McCutcheon Penn State Big 10
Brett Pfarr Minnesota Big 10
Ricky Robertson Wisconsin Big 10
Domenic Abounader Michigan Big 10
Sam Brooks Iowa Big 10
TJ Dudley Nebraska Big 10
Kenny Courts Ohio State Big 10
Nikko Reyes Illinois Big 10
Big 10
Big 10
Gabe Dean Cornell EIWA
Nate Brown Lehigh EIWA
Lorenzo Thomas Penn EIWA
Ophir Bernstein Brown EIWA
Thomas Sleigh Bucknell EIWA
Vic Avery Edinburo EWL
Fred Garcia Lock Haven EWL
Scott Patrick Davidson SoCon
Hayden Zillmer NDSU WWC
Ben Stroh Wyoming WWC

At Large Bids: 7

197 Pounds
Wrestler School Conference
Cody Crawford Oregon State Pac-12
Nathan Butler Stanford Pac-12
Kyle Snyder Ohio State Big 10
Nathan Burak Iowa Big 10
Scott Schiller Minnesota Big 10
Morgan McIntosh Penn State Big 10
Jeff Koepke Illinois Big 10
Max Huntley Michigan Big 10
Alex Polizzi Northwestern Big 10
Braden Atwood Purdue Big 10
Big 10
Canaan Bethea Penn EIWA
Jace Bennett Cornell EIWA
Abram Ayala Princeton EIWA
Elliot Riddick Lehigh EIWA
Bryce Barnes Army EIWA
Vince Pickett Edinburo EWL
J'Den Cox Missouri MAC
Phil Wellington Ohio MAC
Basil Minto Northern Iowa MAC
Kevin Beazley Old Dominion MAC
Shawn Scott Northern Illinois MAC
Anthony Abro Eastern Michigan MAC
Jake Tindle SIU-Edwardsville SoCon
Shane Woods Wyoming WWC
Trent Noon Northern Colorado WWC

At Large Bids:7

Wrestler School Conference
Nathan Butler Stanford Pac-12
Connor Medbery Wisconsin Big 10
Bobby Telford Iowa Big 10
Mike McMullan Northwestern Big 10
Adam Coon Michigan Big 10
Micheal Kroells Minnesota Big 10
Jimmy Lawson Penn State Big 10
Brooks Black Illinois Big 10
Spencer Myers Maryland Big 10
Big 10
Tyler Deuel Binghamton EIWA
Joe Stolfi Bucknell EIWA
Jacob Aiken-Phillips Cornell EIWA
Douglas Vollaro Lehigh EIWA
David Ng Harvard EIWA
Riley Shaw Cleveland State EWL
Jake Kettler George Mason EWL
Blaize Cabell Northern Iowa MAC
Devin Mellon Missouri MAC
Denzel Dejournette App State SoCon
Jared Johnson Chatanooga SoCon
Evan Knutson NDSU WWC

At Large Bids: 6