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The Mid-Morning Dump 3/9/15

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Around Iowa State

WHO NEEDS FIRST HALVES? Iowa State came back against TCU for a solid win to cap off the regular season.

GET THIS MAN SOME COFFEE. Georges Niang earns the "Closer" achievement in games and as the final Big 12 Player of the Week.

JUST BEING NOMINATED. Georges also made it to the Wooden Award final ballot.

HILTON SOUTH HYPE TIME. Bleacher Report gives us a full run down of the Big 12 Tournament including a surprising pick for Champion.

SO CLOSE. The Lady Cyclones battled back from a big deficit but fell short against Oklahoma State for a first round exit from the Big 12 Tournament.

Around the Big 12

BEARS ALMOST CHOKE ON TACOS. Baylor had to mount a hard comeback to avoid losing to Texas Tech.

MUSKETS BEAT PISTOLS. West Virginia made the most of their last home stand to beat Oklahoma State.

STILL IN IT. Texas beat Kansas State to keep their thin Tournament hopes alive.

JUST THE TIP.   Oklahoma beat Kansas with the tip in that sealed Buddy Hield's POTY status.

Around the Other Stuff

YOU TAKE THE GOOD WITH THE BAD. There's only so much luck to go around in golf, which explains how two players hit Aces on the same hole while Rory McIlroy went full Tin Cup and tossed his club.

BREATHE TEXAS, BREATHE. After Illinois State beat Wichita State to induce panic in bubble teams everywhere, UNI won the Missouri Valley Tournament to save the day.

BUT CUTLER'S GONE EITHER WAY, RIGHT? Rumors surfaced of Kaepernick being traded to Chicago but were denied by the 49ers.

INSULT AND INJURY. This pickup basketball sequence goes from bad to worse for the defender.

HOCKEY HAIR TEAM. He's back again this year, and it's awesome again.