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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/13/15

Iowa State Basketball

GET YOUR HEART CHECKED. Fred Hoiberg talks about his surgery and why you should have your heart checked.

NOT OVER YET. Despite some rumors that Cheick Diallo is KU-bound, he says all five schools are still in the running.

NO ON GOSS. Iowa State: not involved.

Iowa State Football

SHINE? is very glass half full about the spring game.

NOT MUCH OF A GAME. Bobby La Gesse says the spring game wasn't bad, but it sure didn't answer any questions.

LET'S PROJECT. Chris Williams projects what the two-deeps will look like in August.

ARREST PROBLEMS. Jake Rhoads and Terry Ayeni were both arrested Saturday. There's something up with coaches' sons in the state, apparently.

Around The Country

ZUBAZFLAGE. TCU unveiled new jerseys and they're "lizard" patterned.

NOPE. Jonas Valanciunas can't put his mouthguard away.

IT WOULD BE BETTER IF HE WASN'T HACKED. Darrelle Revis' instagram account throws barbs back at a New England fan.

GOOD CHEMISTRY. The L.A. Kings have had such an off season that they locked their coach out.

NO MORE LOU. Lou Holtz will no longer work for ESPN.

AN INTERESTING RIDE. Ricky O'Donnell looks back at the careers of the Harrison twins.

ONE RICH BITCH TO ANOTHER. David Ortiz trash talks Jacoby Ellsbury.

DEJA VU. As soon as the announcers mention Andrelton Simmonds robbing Travis D'Arnaud a year ago, he does it again.

EPIC BAD. Boston University lost the NCAA title, and it was in large part due to their goalie scoring on himself.

WORST EVER. The Knicks and Magic played literally the worst quarter in NBA history.

GET READY FOR PLAYOFFS! The NHL playoffs are starting soon, so get ready with the best 10 goals of the regular season.