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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/15/15

Iowa State Athletics

SMARTY PANTS. Athletes honored for their work in the classroom.

Iowa State Basketball

T.J. TALKS. T.J. Otzelberger talks to John Walters about returning to the Cyclone sidelines.

Iowa State Football

WHERE DO I SIGN? Paul got himself in a pickle and we go 9-4. (must read)

MOAR TRANSFERS!!! Well this one is for football actually and he's narrowed it down to three.


Iowa State Baseball Seattle Mariners

OUR NEW FRIENDS ARE DOING THINGS WE ARE USED TO. The Seattle Mariners lost and are now 3-5.

Around The Country

STEPH CURRY PROBABLY ISN'T A HUMAN BEING (SOMEONE SHOULD LOOK INTO THAT). Steph Curry made 77 3's in a row and 94 of 100 in practice.

THE SPURS ARE REALLY SHOWING THEIR AGE. The San Antonio Spurs made an 80's music video.

CAR GETS HIT BY A HUMAN SIZED TACO. A man advertising $1 taco's in some city skateboards into traffic and it could have gone better for him.

THE BROWNS GOT NEW UNIFORMS. And they look red. They also remind me of a cross between uniforms from a few Adam Sandler movies.

IT'S NOT HIS FAULT! Nick "Swaggy P" Young blames the rim for his season long struggles.

BETCHA' DIDN'T THINK YOU'D GET TWO NIK STAUSKAS LINKS THIS MORNING. Nik Stauskas got his house popcorn'd but he's got his own hot sauce deal based on his "Sauce Castillo" nickname.

YA HE PROBABLY GOT PLUNKED HIS NEXT PLATE APPEARANCE. Korean baseball player most likely broke the sound barrier with this bat flip.

AARON HERNANDEZ IS GOING TO SPEND LIFE IN JAIL. Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of first degree murder.