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WRNL Adopt a Team: Seattle Mariners WIN!

In an upset for the ages, the Seattle Mariners are the community choice in the WRNL Adopt a Team poll.

Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager are excited that they won the WRNL Adopt a Team contest
Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager are excited that they won the WRNL Adopt a Team contest
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start off by saying to those who voted for the Nationals, "how bout a hug?"

So maybe it wasn't an upset for the ages, and maybe it was just grabbing at straws by adopting a team and having fans vote. But it still came down to late Sunday night until the voting all got squared away. The Seattle Mariners crushed the hopes and dreams of local Iowans, Bryce Harper lovers, and Washington Nationals fans everywhere by making a late push for victory in the first edition of the WRNL Adopt a Team poll. The Mariners (43%) edged out the Nationals (31%) in a tight race between two teams who up until last week, some of you may have never heard of. The Mariners proved nostalgia can win out, as I'm sure most of the votes were cast in remembrance for the days when a certain sweet swinging lefty patrolled center field.  Get ready for some Seattle Mariners baseball Cyclones fans! I can already feel the excitement....

Looking at the final poll results, it's no surprise that the Mariners and Nationals were the two teams that stood out above the rest. As it was pointed out in the preview articles, many national publications and websites picked these two teams to meet in the World Series. The biggest surprise of the poll has to be the 44 people who actually picked the Yankees and the Red Sox, 11% of the total voters. Apparently these people don't have cable, or the internet, or any other means to catch the roughly 22 hours a day devoted to these two teams by national media. Regardless, if the results of the poll are in any way indicative of regular season results for the Mariners, it should be a fun summer to watch them pile up wins.

Many people asked, "Why the Mariners? couldn't you have picked a worse team?" We asked ourselves that same question here at WRNL, and the answer was no, because we decided against allowing the Cubs to be a part of the voting process, thus making the Mariners the next logical choice.

But this isn't your Richie Sexon and juiced up Bret Boone led Mariners that have been the cellar dwellers of the AL West for the better part of the past decade.  The 2015 edition features a great lineup top to bottom, an above average rotation, and one of the best bullpens in baseball. Most people know the names Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez. By the end of the year, Cruz, Seager, Iwakuma and Zunino will all be familiar names outside of just the Seattle area.

So bust out the SNES or N64 and play some Ken Griffey Jr. baseball, go to Goodwill and find something from the 90's that's the color teal (Charlotte Hornets gear will work!), and put on your Randy Johnson mullet wig, because baseball is back in Seattle, and WRNL will be here to keep you up to date all season long on everything Seattle Mariners.

Be sure to check in throughout the rest of the season as we will follow the Mariners, good or bad, as they look to erase a 13 year postseason drought, and make their first trip to the World Series in franchise history.  Along the way, we'll provide updated stats and standings, highlights and low-lights throughout the year, and hopefully, plenty more of this.

Overall Record

3-5   tied for 3rd in the AL West