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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/16/15

Iowa State Basketball

SEVERING TIES. Nikki Moody didn't feel welcome at the practice facility anymore, so she went home to prep for the draft.

Iowa State Athletics

BACK TO BACK. The softball win gives Iowa State back to back victories in the Cy-Hawk series.

Seattle Mariners

THIS WILL GET US READY FOR FOOTBALL. Robinson Cano had a sweet brainfart on the basepaths last night.

Around The Country

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL. Who had the spread-siest offense of them all? (of course it's the wizard)

ALREADY CRAZY IN CANADA. Montreal-Ottawa is already getting crazy with ejections and threats. Meanwhile, the wrist slash victim was unable to drink from a water bottle properly.

PLAYOFF HOCKEY IS MAGICAL. Chicago came back from 3-0 down to beat Nashville in double OT.

TANKING GONE WILD. Miami was trying to lose to the 76ers by playing nobody good... and still won. Maybe because the Sixers had Joel Embiid drawing up plays.

AMERICA! The USMNT beat Mexico 2-0 last night in a weird non international break game.

ROBBERY. Blue Jays can fly.

THANKS, MOM. After David Luiz was humiliated by Luis Suarez, his mom came to his defense.