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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/17/15

Iowa State Basketball

ALWAYS A WINNER. Hallice Cooke's hip injury has given him time to figure out what drives him.

MOODY DRAFTED. Nikki Moody was drafted by a home state team in the WNBA draft.

Iowa State Football

EXPECTATIONS. Dan answered some questions for Land Grant Gauntlet about Iowa State's upcoming season.

Iowa State Athletics

SMARTIES. Kyven Gadson was named Big 12 wrestling's scholar-athlete of the year while Caitlin Brown garned the same honors for gymnastics.

Around The Country

HILTON FORKER MAGIC. The Big 12 is letting tennis fans scream and yell all they want now.

FIVE TYPES OF DRAFTABLE PLAYERS. There's a variety of reasons players enter the draft.

DAVE RICE GETS ANOTHER ONE. Another highly regarded local recruit picks UNLV.

TRICKY. Mississippi State snuck in some Ole Miss hate into their new warmups.

BEST NUTSHOTS. Top 10 plays that will make your junk hurt in the NBA.

UGH. The possible new Clippers jerseys are hideous.

NOT EVEN USING THE BACKBOARD. You usually see guys toss alleyoops off the backboard to themselves. Not Angelo Sharpless.

LITTLE GUY SKILLS. Andrew Hawkins shows off feet a ballerina would be jealous of.

NO GOOD, BRITT. ESPN's Britt McHenry isn't quite as nice as she looks.

THE PRICE IS TRILL. "My name is Kenny and I've been making bad decisions my whole life..."