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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/21/15

Iowa State Basketball

STILL LOOKS BETTER THAN MOST OF THE WORLD. Fred Hoiberg is in full recovery mode

CLOSE TO A DECISION. Cheick Diallo thanks coaches for their time right after a meeting with John Calipari.

HATIN'. While I certainly think the string of OWIs is a problem that needs to be addressed, perhaps this article is a bit too harsh on Iowa State's problems.

Around The Country

CLEARLY A TEAM MATURITY PROBLEM. Ohio State player gives Obama the bunny ears.

THE JACKIE ROBINSON OF THE NFL. PFT Commenter with a hilarious take on Tim Tebow's return to the NFL.

IT'S SAD THEY DIDN'T HAVE HOCKEY FOR AWHILE. The first playoff game in 19 years in Winnipeg resulted in a deserted town.

RARRRRR MEDIA. The Reds' manager went on a tirade about the media that featured 77 f-bombs. Then Pittsburgh Penguin GM Jim Rutherford went off on a reporter.

REGGIE NO UNDERSTAND. A pun is not what you used there, sir.

CLIPPERS BROS ARE FUN. These guys got booted for trying to smuggle booze into the Clippers game, and having a great time.

LONG GAME. Marshall Henderson waited close to two years to get his revenge on Erin Andrews.

FAT GUY GOALS. Fat Ronaldo is still playing soccer and he can still score goals.