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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/22/15

Iowa State Basketball

HYPE TRAIN!!! Now that we've had a few weeks to collect our thoughts Iowa State is still Number 2 in the Way Too Early Poll, that's even assuming we don't get Diallo.

Iowa State Football

JJ MOSES RETURNS. JJ Moses stopped by Iowa State and it was a family affair.

HERE'S TO THE POSTSEASON. The football team wants to go Bowling, like their stadium.

SPEAKING OF POSTSEASON. Paul Rhoads thinks the round-robin is enough to get a team into the CFB Playoffs.

Seattle Mariners

LOSING IN WEIRD WAYS THAT ARE ALL TOO FAMILIAR? Boy if that doesn't sound like something I've heard before... unfortunately the poor souls over there think that their fortunes will change. They'll learn.

Around The Country

FLOYD'S NICKNAME MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Floyd Mayweather and Stephen A. Smith meander about Floyd's house.

JUST MANNY BEING MANNY. Manny Pacquiao, actually, not Ramirez, is a strange dude.

JJ WATT IS GOOD AT MANY THINGS. However, he should probably just not twerk.

LEBRON JAMES IS ALSO GOOD AT MANY THINGS. However, he should do this repeatedly because it's amazing.

NFL SCHEDULE WAS RELEASED. See who and when your favorite team plays.

BRETT FAVRE WILL HAVE HIS NUMBER RETIRED. Then the number will be unretired, retired, unretired, send an inappropriate picture, retired, unmerited, and finally officially retired.

NOW HE KNOWS HOW FRED HAS FELT THE PAST 3 YEARS. Kevin Ollie has no plans to make the jump to the NBA even though there's a lot of speculation that teams are interested in Ollie, even teams that still have coaches. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

GAME OF THROWNS. The Smoking Musket is searching for their new QB Game of Thrones style.