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The WRNL Hotbox

You have questions? We have opinions.

Happy days!  Dreamy is out of the hospital and is well on his way to recovery.  Also, Marty and Miller on 1700 are spewing speculative diarrhea out of their mouths again.  It all stems from what Washington coach Lorenzo Romar said:

I think if you look in the next few months it will become pretty obvious. And I'll just leave it at that.

They seem to think that means Hoiberg will be leaving the program in the next few months and Otz is coming back to take the reins.  Hmm.  Even if he wanted to leave for the NBA or because of his health, he is not leaving before this year is over.  He has the team that he has been building since he arrived and it will most likely be his best team.  I have a very hard time imagining that Dreamy will leave for anything before this upcoming year is out. If you make an argument that he may jump next year, I'll listen. But back to Lorenzo Romar's comments. I tend to think that Mr. Romar is hinting at something about his own program, not Iowa State's.  So let me spew some diarrhea out of my mouth for a second.  Washington may or may not be preparing for some sort of NCAA sanctions, that may or may not be because of Otz.  That's my diarrhea take and I'm sticking to it.



All Knowing Hotbox,

I’m venturing down to Des Moines next weekend for a bachelor/bachelorette party. We have a party bus for Saturday night and want to explore some lesser known bars around the metro (on the West side of town) – what does the Hotbox recommend?

You're in luck!  I live in West Des Moines and as usual, can be considered an expert in this field.  The most popular and bro filled bar on the West Side is hands down the "new" Wellmans.  This bar is always loud, packed, and very hard to navigate at peak hours.  The only time I want to go there is if I can get a spot on the roof when it is nice.  If that is your thing, (which it looks like it isn't) this is your place.  But since it looks like you're interested in finding a bar less traveled, I'll throw out some suggestions.  If you go a bit east of the West Side, definitely go to the Ridgemount.  That place is for Legends.  Another is place called 1908 Draught House.  They have good food, full bar, and TV's that play sports inside and out.  Great smaller place to sit outside and drink.  And plus, there are two locations on the West Side in Urbandale and Waukee.  If you want a bar with lots of beer choices and has Cyclone Pride, go to the Keg Stand.  Or if you want to get away from the population entirely, go to Jeremiah Bullfrogs.

There are obviously tons of other bars out here nowadays, but these are the Hotbox suggestions.  Godspeed.

Mr. Roosevelt,

Three part question for the Hotbox.

1. Under what circumstances is it acceptable for a man to attend a baby/wedding shower?

2. Under what circumstances is it acceptable for a woman to attend a bachelor party?

3. Under what circumstances is it acceptable for a grown man to cry?

1.  None.  Any baby/wedding shower is strictly meant for woman only.  If you attend one of these willingly, you are a sad excuse for a man and need many years of teaching.  Unless your wife/girlfriend is withholding sex from you and this is the only way to regain coitus.  Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

2.  None.  Any bachelor party is strictly meant for men only.  I'm sure there are plenty of woman who would love to "go out with the guys and get crazy".  But this is the worst idea and should be abandoned immediately.  If your girl actually gets to witness you in your natural habitat with the rest of boys, she will regret everything good she has ever thought or said about you.  And remember, the last thing you need is for her to withhold sex from you.  Don't allow her to come.  It's for the best.

3.  Many of circumstances.  The Hotbox is not ashamed to admit that some things require a good cry.  Emotional life moments, the end of Field of Dreams, and when the Vikings lose to Atlanta in the NFC Championship game because Gary Anderson hates children.  Stuff like that.


How much do you follow your old high school in the sports department?  Do you go back once in awhile for a football/basketball game?

I don't. Back in high school it obviously consumed my soul, but once I went off to go to college I could not have cared less.  I went to one high school playoff game the year after and that was it.  Haven't been to any other high school event since.  And I plan on keeping it that way.  All my emotional fanship needs to directed to Iowa State and the Vikings.  That's draining enough.

eastside cy,

Dear All Powerful Box of Hotness,

What other great food related debates can we get into to spruce up some of these MMDs?  We are getting objective burger rankings on a weekly basis now, it seems we've completely talked ourselves most fast food places, we've dug down the maid rite/tavern rabbit hole about as far as we can go.  If all else fails, there is the always old cake v pie case to re-appeal.

I ask for guidance in this time of need.  All praise be to Dreamy, may his recovery be swift.  In 3sus name.

I'm sure this debate has happened plenty times over on this site, but I want to get the Great Burrito Debate raging again.  My fancy since college has always leaned toward Fighting Burrito (or Flying Burrito to you old farts).  They give you a choice of tortilla flavor (tomato obvzz), have freshly grilled meat, bomb ass queso, and then let you choose a hot sauce to slash all up in that flavor turd.  But now I live in West Des Moines and no longer have that as an option.  So it comes down to Pancheros, Chipotle, and Qdoba.  I think Qdoba is a low brow version of Chipotle, so that's out.  To me, Chipotle and Pancheros are very different.  Pancheros has the fresh tortilla and lots of goopy ingredients.  And don't forget queso.  And Chipotle seems like the place with "better" ingredients.  They seem more "healthy" and "fresh" than the others.  But do not have queso.  This is the deal breaker.  The winner of Ames is Fighting Burrito.  The winner of the Des Moines area is Pancheros.  RAGE.


Melvin Ejim will be training at Iowa Fire Athletics this summer back here in Iowa.  What are his odds of getting picked up by an NBA team for some summer camp?

I would love to see him on the Raptors.

Slim.  I think Melvin will be residing in Europe for the next few years.  An NBA team might show interest, and hell he might even get a look during the summer.  But I don't think any NBA team will offer him a deal that is better that a deal he can get in Europe.  The only way I see him catching on somewhere is if an NBA team gives him a chance in the regular season and Mel takes a chance and less money for a shot at his dream.  We need to get more ISU players in the NBA.  Mel would be my favorite.

"All knowledge hurts."
-Cassandra Clare