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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/24/15

Iowa State Basketball

GREEK FREAK REDUX. Kostas Antetokounmpo (our spell checking will increase 7 fold if he comes here), the younger brother of Giannis, just picked an offer from the Cyclones. Here's some video if you're interested (of course you are).

Iowa State Football

THANKS, DUDES. Mitchell Meyers wants to thank everyone for the support he's gotten while facing cancer.

Around The Country

UAB GOT HOSED. Turns out their football program wasn't actually losing money.

CHASING TACOS. A Vikings lineman came here from Poland to play NFL football, but also for tacos.

OUCH. The Pelicans let a big lead slip away, capped by Stephen Curry sending the game into OT with this bomb.

BUT THEY DESERVED IT. Because a Pelican fan shaved Anthony Davis' unibrow into his chest hair.

THIS WILL PROBABLY BE IOWA STATE IF WE EVER GET GOOD AT STUFF. The Cubs are coining a sad #wearegood hashtag.

NEW BIRDMAN TATTOOS! It's a good thing he doesn't have to look professional, because Chris Anderson just added two new tattoos.

BRAWL CITY. baseball brawl with actual punches being thrown happened between the Royals and White Sox yesterday.

ROYCE WHITE BAD. Andre Iguodala almost airballs a free throw attempt.

MARCUS SMART WOULD BE PROUD. Of this flop by Draymond Green.

THAT'S EITHER STALKERISH OR PERSISTENT. Jim Harbaugh asked nine times before his now-wife agreed to go out with him.