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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/28/15

Iowa State Basketball

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL. Nick Babb is now officially a Cyclone legacy player.

DECISION BY WEDNESDAY. Cheick Diallo looks set to announce before Wednesday.

CW WANTS LESS GRAD TRANSFERS. Chris Williams writes that he would like the sit-out year to apply to grad transfers.

30 SECOND SHOT CLOCK! Looks like we're going Hoiball-y across the NCAA.

Seattle Mariners

WIN! Back to the win column for the Mariners in a 3-1 win.

Around The Country

THE PIONEER. James Franklin talks about the controversial practice of satellite camps that he started.

NOT A DIVE AT LEAST? A cheerleader ran over a Belarusian soccer player.

PERRY ELLIS SCORES A TOUCHDOWN. 89 year olds can score touchdowns too.

2 GUYS, 1 BACKFLIP. Tandem skiing is a thing?

DIFFERENT SPORT, SAME PAUL. Paul Pierce's heckle game doesn't stop.

OH, MY. This is the coolest nutmeg I've ever seen.

THERE IS NO GAME 8. Dammit, NBC New York.

JJ WATT IS A SWELL GUY. He'll write you a nice note to get you out of work.

SAVE OF THE YEAR? Petr Mrazek made a ridiculous stick save last night.

NO BASEBALL IN BALTIMORE. Due to the rioting, baseball "won't be possible" in Baltimore for the next week.