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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/30/15

Iowa State Basketball

LOOKING TO MAKE HISTORY. Naz Long is headed for another surgery, but after his recovery, he and roommate Georges Niang are striving to be the first Cyclones in history to go to four years of NCAA tournaments.

Iowa State Football

MORRISSEY MOVING BACK. Cory Morrissey looks to move to LB for his NFL shot.

Seattle Mariners

THEY WON AGAIN! Our choice might not be terrible after all.

Around The Country

OVERCOMPENSATING? The Big 12 is pushing for a conference title game due to last year's snub. Bill Connelly debates if that's a good idea.

EMPTY LESSONS. The lessons learned from baseball in an empty stadium.

SPAMBOT WINS! The Browns gave away draft tickets to a Twitter spam bot.

2 BALLS, ONE MATCH. Double throw-in!

YOUR OWN SCOUTING REPORT? It's draft day, so celebrate with your own scouting report. Mine says that I "have the math skills to high five a condor, but scouts say untied shoes could be an issue". Prescient!

ALMOST DONE. Billy Donovan is leaving Florida to become the new coach in OKC.

JUST POOPED MY PANTS. Even watching people BASE jump off off Dubai towers is terrifying.\

SHE'S REALLY INTO IT. Red Wings fan charged with arson at Game 7 in Tampa Bay.

NO MORE EASTERBROOK. I forgot about him, but Gregg Easterbrook no longer being with ESPN is celebration time for us all.