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The Mid-Morning Dump - 4/6/15

Iowa State Football

ON THE COMEBACK TRAIL. Gabe Luna has recovered from an potential career-ending injury to looking decent on the field again.

LALK IN. Jamison Lalk has passed up Patrick Scoggins at starting center.

A FOR EFFORT. Paul Rhoads has been pleased with the effort in spring scrimmage.

FIVE TAKEAWAYS. Rob Gray talks up some sunshine about the team.

TUCKER'S PRIMED. Highly touted Demond Tucker is ready to make an impact on the defensive line.

Around The Country

HE'S CERTAINLY NOT WRONG.. Kentucky blue glasses guy tells Kaylee Hartung she's gorgeous.

THE MIC IS ALWAYS ON. Andrew Harrison drops the n-bomb about Frank Kaminsky.

LEXINGTON IS ON FIRE. Predictably, Kentucky fans weren't too happy either.

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? How will we look back on the 2014-15 Kentucky team?

MORE TROUGHS, PLEASE! Wrigley has some bathroom issues, which led to cups full of pee.

GO SKINS. DeMarcus Ware left a message on the tip line of his check.

NUTMEGGED. Carlos Boozer thought he was going to have a chance at the steal. Chris Paul thought otherwise.

SCISSOR ME, POST. A Granada defender didn't choose the best method to stop a goal.

KD IS TIRED OF THE HARDEN TRADE. It's been a while, so he'd like everyone to let it go.

60+ YARDS. Maybe Charlie Adam has a career as an NFL kicker when he's done with soccer.

NOBODY LIKES TOM. It's a good guessing game as to which fans were responsible, but Tom Crean got booed at the Final Four.

DON'T EVEN NEED TO PAY ATTENTION. This goalie wasn't even ready for the shootout attempt, but still made the save.